12 OPM Songs of 2012

In 2012, we were under a gayuma by a sirena so we tried to move closer cause we had enough.

For an initial year of my planned yearly listing, here are 12 songs of OPM that I thought made really well in 2012. I’ll be honest, due to distance, I have limited resources of what has been playing around the local radio and music scene. But still, I am fortunate enough to come up of what I personally think is a compelling list of 12 OPM SONGS OF 2012.

I have narrowed down the list to 12 – not my usual 20 – and to the mainstream local music scene. If indie artist managed to penetrate pop mainstream music, then I also comsider them on my list.

Without further adieu, here is my list:

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Julie Anne San Jose – I’ll Be There; Rico Blanco – Amats

Krizza Neri

– The protege winner has got the competition in the bag once she opened her mouth. With a voice so clear like water and soothingly beautiful tone, Krizza is a runaway winner. Her debut single, Ba’t di ko ba masabi highlights every bit of her gorgeous tone – From the fantastic restraint to a soaring chorus to a phrasing that is just breathtaking. With the right material like this, Krizza is a talent shouldn’t be put to waste and this track may be a clichè OPM formula but I digress. It worked!

11. XGF
Spongecola (ft. Chito Miranda & Los Magno)

– I admit, initially, I thought this combination will never work. But there is an LSS-induced quality in this track that is just undeniable. Sure, I have been waiting for another track from Spongecola that will take my breathaway once again like Jeepney and Gemini, but for this year, this is a solid showing. Probably thanks to some good assistance from Chito Miranda? XGF is a reminiscent of PNE’s The Yes Yes Show were the lyrics play seems like a dialogue style and putting such good harmony on Chito and Yael’s voices.

Markki Stroem (ft. Zia Quizon)

– There’s an innate sexiness that is undeniabke in the way Markki phrased and sang his verses in Steal your soul. In addition, the tracks jazz themed tempo capped with an assistance from Zia Quizon proved to be a ball of gorgeousness. Steal your soul had a lot of dynamics with enough sophistication yet alluring some mass appeal. It was well crafted and well sang.

Kamikazee (ft. Kyla)

– How could a rock band come up such sad, sweet symphony is beyond me. In addition, Kyla lending her gorgeous voice added an undeniable impact to an already solid track. Huling Sayaw is another clichè OPM tune but you will not be mad. It merges rock tunes to some sad story telling. The single isn’t fresh but it worked. It is radio friendly, lss induced and a classic case of mass appeal.

Frank Magalona

– If you will ask me, I thought the Frank Magalona is the one who managed to capture his father’s ability to rap well. And I am right. Hari is a testament of his genius work. Merging his father’s legacy to his own aesthetic, Frank created a tribute single to the King of Rap and still keeping his staple to it.

Zia Quizon

– I would say this over and over again but Zia Quizon has completely destroyed Karylle’s singing career in my book! Sorry but Zia is a such a solid vocalist and had better enunciation! Dear Lonely is a good follow up to Ako Na Lang and its retro feel capped the jukebox track made me think that Zia is actually a force to be reckon with in the local music scene. She had the quirky tone and yet radio friendly quality that caters to diverse people.

Alessandra de Rossi

– Alessandra is such a talent. Not only she is a fantastic and underrated actress, but she is actually a good singer too. No she’s not the best belter or a one of a kind singer, but for her to play with her strengths and turn her vocal limitations to her side and come up with Make it drift? I am pleased. It was a simple, haunting and gorgeous single with lots of radio potential if it was given a chance. Haven’t Filipinos heard such talent like Lana Del Rey? There’s an ethereal quality filled with rhythm effervescence on the synth play of this track. Make it drift transcends that almost makes you like you are under its spell.

Up Dharma Down

– Up Dharma Down is one of those lucky indie darlings that managed to cross over mainstream and still was able to keep their indie flavor. Turn it well is yet another gem in their belt. If Oo is a painful anthem of a loved took advantage of and Tadhana is like an ethereal journey of hopeful love, Turn it well is a lovely symphony of taking a chance on someone. The synth bizarre musical play isn’t an overwhelming feeling but a ethereal flow of merge between Armi’s gorgeous voice and the play on rhythm in its back track. Once the chorus was reached, it soared beautifully adding yet another texture to the track.

Never The Strangers

Moving Closer is all sorts of sweet, romanticism put in music and lovely. It is a simple tune with no sense of pretensions. Playing with a lovely melody and offering a vocalist with such appealing tone, you can’t help but take notice and the track had a winning formula of both radio and chart hit.

Julie Anne San Jose

– Among her contemporaries, talent wise Julie Anne San Jose emerged as one on the top. And after years of making a name for herself, Julie Anne finally broke in the local music scene and probably delivered one of the best R&B tune in OPM. Enough explores her diverse talent from rhythm plays to on point high register to even mastering a slick rap verse. Not to mention, the song is appealing to a large audience and has a radio friendly vibe that just worked naturally.

Abra (ft. Thyro & Jeriko Aguilar)

– Is Abra a threat to Gloc-9? With such solid debut, Abra is one of the breakout star of the local music scene. Gayuma is such a tune that everyone is left with the music and lyrics stuck in your head. His rap verses were slick and clean and that chorus is no doubt one of the most LSS-worthy of the modern local music.

Gloc – 9 (ft. Ebe Dancel)

– It is such an anthemic track put in the most unusual genre but it worked. Ebe providing that soaring chorus and Gloc once again delivering strong and clean rap verses. No doubt, Sirena is the biggest hit of 2012 and it even made impact even the local divas were belting it out with the rap verses included! In high spirits, Sirena delivers a solid message too that made it work in a broader perspective.


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