American Idol 12: 10 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


If I’m going to be honest, I hated this season of American Idol. It’s simply uncomfortable to watch, from the lack of chemistry between the judges to the silent war between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Even the format of this season is a little off for me, maybe because the changes was needed to create drama that they don’t even need because Carey-Minaj already brought it on the table. Such a sad season to watch. Plus, the talent this season is blah. Not that they are not good – in fact we have 2-4 artists that were soectacular – but they left me cold. It’s like you can’t find any reason to actually root for someone.

Nonetheless, as a tradition already.. Here is my chosen 10 (Haha see, that’s how much I dislike the season) best performances of American Idol Season 12.

Here you go..


10. Candice Glover
Ordinary People
Top 20

– Her vocal choices were outstanding. She delivered this John Legend song with so much soul and power.


9. Angie Miller
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Top 3

– It was an interesting song choice but a great departure from the usual piano themed performance of Angie. I expected her to do it on piano again but she decided to take center stage, perform it with her vocals front and center and she delivered a fantastic emotional performance.


8. Amber Holcomb
What About Love
Top 7

– I like this. Amber sounded very current. Her vocals were on point. Her phrasing sounds so nice. And she got legs for days to be proud of. Haha. Nonetheless, this was still a solid performance from sweet little girl Amber.


7. Candice Glover
Straight Up
Top 5

– This is the week we’ve seen something laid back from Candice. In here, there are no power vocals or crazy runs but a water cooler performance that I love. Her vocals here were front and center. And her dynamics were gorgeously placed.


6. Angie Miller
Never Gone
Top 20

– Angie during this time just sealed her fate as a serious contender. There’s magic everytime she is playing the piano while singing. There is so much passion and soul on her delivery. Plus, this is a song from Colton Dixon – not that popular – but she made it work and delivered a really telling performance.


5. Janelle Arthur
You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Top 8

– I didn’t expect it and Janelle run away as a winner this week. The staging looked beautiful. Her risk was worth it and I could actually hear her sing — on key! This is an amazing performance from Janelle!


4. Kree Harrison
See You Again
Top 4 Redux

– Kree is a diva. I mean she will sing her heart out just like Candice. But during this moment, she took it back – laid back – and deliver probably her best performance to the date. It was simple, elegant and vocally stunning!


3. Candice Glover
I (Who Have Nothing)

– She performed this during the first live shows and it was impressive. She did it again during the finale for her reprise performance, and it was an absolute killer performance. Wow! Those vocals were amazing!


2. Angie Miller
Who You Are
Top 4

– ANGIE MILLER! Wow. This is her best performance to date. Her vocals were spot on. Her phrasing was gorgeous. Everything here just worked together beautifully!


1. Candice Glover
Love song
Top 6

– Vocal masterclass! Candice can sing the phonebook effortlessly.