The Voice US 4: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Unexpected eliminations. A fall of a front runner. Clear dominance of country vote. Steals. Shakira. Usher. Blake-Adam bromance. Great performances. This has been the story of season 4 of the voice.

I love every bit of this season despite some questionable choices and public’s WTF votes, this is still a season worth watching. From Usher’s crazy coaching style to Blake’s funny banters and then Adam and Shakira were just too gorgeous to ignore.

Since this is the first time I fully covered the Voice, pardon me if you don’t really agree with my choices for this wrap-up post. And for the obligatory best of the best list, here are my 20 best performances of Season 4.


20. Vedo & Jessica Childress
Locked Out Of Heaven
Battle Rounds

– Both delivered stunning and soaring vocals with so much fun, playfulness and essentially entertainment. I love how they managed to keep their vocals on point despite trying to outdone each other. Plus, they worked really well on individual verses to the moments they need to sing together.


19. Justin Rivers
The Climb

– Who knew? Justin sang a Miley Cyrus track and he sounded even way better than her. His vocal choices were terrific. His phrasing was on point and his delivery is not overwrought yet powerful.


18. Josiah Hawley
Sunday Morning
Blind Auditions

– His tone has this sweet spot that when he uses it, you were just drawn into him. His stage presence is oozing with so muh charisma and his nuance is pleasantly beautiful. This sounded not like a straight up copy but he managed to pull that California-summer vibe of the song that made his audition compelling and memorable.


17. Sarah Simmons
Wild Horses

– Her tone enveloped the whole stage with so much ease and passion. Her delivery is simply gorgeous with vocal choices that I never really expect to work but it did. This was stunningly melancholic but it won’t make you sad, it will definitely leave a satisfying smile on your face.


16. Amber Carrington & Sasha Allen
Battle Rounds

– As much as they were trying to outshine each other, the distinctness in their delivery pretty much created dynamics in this performances. And even if this was a battle, it never really felt like that. To sum it up: The performance felt more like they were “performing” per se. The vocals were great. The connection was fantastic and their soaring voices just hit it in the park.


15. Michelle Chamuel

– Gorgeous! It was like the song was meant for her. The production created drama. The vocals were stunning and her delivery, just wow.


14. Judith Hill
You’ve Got A Friend
Live Shows – Top 12

– Sure, the song choice is blah. But Judith managed to deliver something intimate and sincere. Her vocals were front and center. And there is vulnerability in her delivery that is simply lovely.


13. Amber Carrington
Live Shows – Top 8

– Crazy! I mean it in a good way. I never really thought in the entire run of the competition of that Amber could something like this — more so a difficult, Adele track. But she did and she did it beautifully. Although, yes she cracked a little in some parts but still it was really a great vocal performance.


12. Sasha Allen
At Last

– This is how strong Team Adam is. Sasha was a stolen artist from Adam and now enjoying the perks of being the strongest artist in Team Shakira. And she didn’t disappoint. She blew everybody — including me — with her powerful and emotionally nuanced performance of At Last! Great performance.


11. Josiah Hawley
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Live Shows – Top 12

– Acoustic guitar. White tee. Josiah Hawley. Simple Arrangement. Perfect! I bet all girls and guys(?) were drawn to this beautiful, intimate and yet solid performance from Josiah. His voice was front and center and this was his best to date.


10. Michelle Chamuel
Live Shows – Top 8

– This is a little too theatrical for me but Michelle still manage to pull something spectacular. Her vocals were spot on. The production, a little jarring, but it was probably perfect for the song choice drama. Still, one of the best of the night.


9. The Swon Brothers
Danny’s Song
Live Shows – Top 5

– And Blake pulled the right song choice at the right time. I was ready to write them off during this stage of the competition but then they managed to deliver one of the best performance of the night. The intimate setting was genius. The vocals were great. The dynamics were flawless. Smart move Blake!


8. Sasha Allen
Before He Cheats
Live Shows – Top 6

– You know this season is crazy good when all of a sudden Shakira’s lone artist pulled a fierce, solid and feisty performance of Before He Cheats. It’s a country song and Sasha isn’t a country artist at all. This was flawless. It was confident, vocally spectacular and entertaining!


7. Michelle Chamuel
I Knew You Were Trouble
Live Shows – Top 6

– Fun, entertaining and this completely worked well with Michelle’s personality and vocals. This created a natural connection from Michelle that the public started to root for her. Plus, she sang the hell out of this T. Swift song!


6. Warren Stone
(I Just) Died In Your Arms

– It was so iffy that no one stole him. He was a wasted artist that could potentially do some wonders if given a chance. Warren to me is probably the best male vocalist in the competition. The grit in his tone is simply beautiful. His vocal choices weren’t overwrought and he was simply ozzing with confidence that is not cocky.


5. Amber Carrington
Live Play-Offs

– Amber keeps on surprising me and the interest on her keeps growing on me. She auditioned with a country song, fight her way in the battle rounds and knockouts with a pop song and now she’s taking a big leap of doing an R&B ballad with Rihanna’s big hit, Stay. On paper, you would normally think this is ridiculous but somehow, with her impeccable vocals and gorgeous phrasing, Amber made it work! She’s a serious dark horse in my book right now.


4. Judith Hill
What A Girl Wants
Blind Auditions

– Judith has the biggest hype in this season and her front runner status were written all over her during this audition. Her take on this Christina Aguilera, slow it down and do some genius vocal acrobatics is risky but successful. Her vocals were spot on. Her phrasing was gorgeous and the liberties she took demand attention! Strong and memorable.


3. Team Adam
Shake It Out
Results Night 1

– Sure, this shouldn’t be on the list because it was a non-competition performance but it is hard to disregard this powerful, compelling and beautiful performance of Team Adam during the first results night show. The individual verses were gorgeous, the harmonies was fantastic and the over all performance is, with right word in mind, fantastic!


2. Sarah Simmons
One Of Us
Blind Auditions

– This will go down as one of the best Blind Audition this show has had to date. The moment Sarah opened her mouth and sang the bee-jezus in this song made her a serious threat and contender. It was gorgeous at its best. It was nuanced with so much ease and vulnerability and her ability to play along with her vocal choices is flawless. Prior to this, I thought Judith’s audition will top the list but she actually made me think twice.


1. Michelle Chamuel
True Colors
Live Play-Offs

True Colors, for me is an understatement beauty within. And Michelle managed to capture that magic and relay that intentional emotional connection that solidify her as not just a great singer but a compelling story teller. The performance is just a thing of beauty with great vocals to back it up. This to me is the best of the night and probably the best of the season.