The Voice Australia 3: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Two of franchise of Will.I.Am and Kylie Minogue? Haha. Yes, on both current seasons of The Voice UK and Australia, Will and Kylie are doing double duties as coaches. Nonetheless, they are pretty decent coaches with so much to offer plus Kylie is so fun to watch, she’s just enjoying her run as a coach on both shows.

This is my first time to faithfully cover this show. Sure, I’ve seen the past seasons but I never really cover them on my blog. This season, I decided to do so even if there is no Keith Urban gorgeousness anymore. Haha.

The season has ups and down, with some questionable choices from the coaches but mostly they were on point on those who made it to the live shows. I just didn’t like that instant save twist because it’s weird and the elimination process per team is lame.

Anyway, here are my chosen 20 performances that I thought made season 3 of The Voice Australia compelling to watch.

Here you go..


20. Jhoanna Aguila
The Showdowns

– Jhoanna to me is the typical singer who can do runs, belt out and control some notes and eventually will blend in the background. But this performance demands attention. There is something extra special with this that was under appreciated. Her vocals sounded ridiculously good. Even, her runs were on point.


19. Robbie Balmer
I can’t make you love me
Blind Auditions

– When he hit that sweet spot on his voice, it was just beautiful. His falsetto – though not perfect – is deliciously used. Of course, I would prefer if he didn’t sand the whole song almost in his vibratto, but then that actually separated him from the rest of the covers of this song that I’ve heard before.


18. Robbie Balmer & Jackson Thomas
Battle Rounds

– Sure, Jackson sounded better here and he sang the song quite on point most of the time but there is something about Robbie that will make you draw yourself into him. His vocals were smooth in most parts. This is actually a pretty tight battle but for most parts it did work for me. They both sounded really nice. The connection was incredibly believable.


17. Jackson Thomas
This is what it feels like
Live Shows 1

– The arrangement worked perfectly well for him. In here, we heard the beauty of his voice albeit a little lazy in parts. His vocal choices were nice. His delivery mostly put a good show of restraint and power.


16. Elly Oh
Never be the same
Live Shows 3

– Despite that wobbly note in the middle, Elly sounded pretty nice in most parts. It was different, not over the top, and her vocals were frontand center. This is a good contrast from her usual big belting performances and we saw some restrained from her that actually worked in her advantage.


15. Sabrina Batshon
Queen of the night
The Showdowns

– There are parts where I thought she went all over the too but all in all this is actually a strong and solid performance from Sabrina. It sounded current. Her vocals were crazy good. Her stage presence is oozing with so much confidence and fiestiness. Nicely done!


14. Anja Nissen
Live Shows 2

– Finally! Something current from Anja. This is the kind of performance she needs to pull off so that people could actually relate from her. She’s young, hip and current that these songs are easily right on her alley. This is a solid vocal performance and her vocals were just spot on!


13. Elly Oh
Mama knows best

– And she’s back! Elly struggled for most parts in the recent weeks and I’m glad she pulled this one at the right moment. She’s confident, her vocals were strong and her delivery is simply engaging. Her voice allowed itself to dominate such powerful track.


12. Johnny Rollins
Am I wrong
Live Shows 2

– I am not a fan of Johnny that much for I thought his voice is a little but somehow in this week, he performed incredibly well. The song suits him spot on. The drum playing added color. His vocals were textured and his phrasing sounded beautiful. This is his best performance to date.


11. Isaac McGovern
Tennis court
The Showdowns

– There is something delicate in Isaac’s vocals that I in particular adore. It was smooth, silky and beautiful. His acoustic attempt on this Lorde song is simply infectious. There is something really nice and pleasant about his deliver that made me glued about it.


10. Robbie Balmer
The scientist
Live Shows 2

– During this performance, Robbie is oozing with so much charisma and confidence on stage that is pretty much remarkable. His vocal choices were pretty. His dynamics were gorgeous. His phrasing is spot on and I love how he managed to connect with the track and audience really well.


9. C Major
Crazy in love
Blind Auditions

– C Major is a pro and it shows. How he worked the stage and audience is simply remarkable. His vocals – though breathy in parts – were spot on. Plus, that rap verse actually put dynamics in this performance that it needed. I also love how his verses sounded fantastic with his high register taking center stage.


8. Kat Jade
Live Shows 1

– What a transformation! Kat looked gorgeous tonight. More so, this is a welcoming surprise from her. Her delivery is spot on. Her vocals were front and center. The whole thing, for me, worked really well. Sorry Will, but I think this is a pretty strong showing from Kat who showed that she can really sing more than just the uptempo tracks she’s been doing in the past.


7. Candice Skjommenand & Thando Sikwila
Battle Rounds

– Simply, gorgeous! Wow. The individual verses sounded beautiful. Their delivery is spot on and I love how it was emotionally invested yet restraint made it into a powerful performance. Lol at Joel Madden almost in tears.


6. C Major
Blurred Lines
The Showdowns

– Energetic, fun, strong vocals – C Major provided the much needed entertainment during this round and delivered probably one of the most spot on vocals of this show to date. His phrasing sounded beautiful. His vocals were crazy good and his stage presence is simply remarkable.


5. Anja Nissen
When love takes over

– Gorgeously arranged and it was a risky yet brave from Anja and Will to rearrange the track from the uptempo style during the battle rounds to this slowed down version in the finale round. It allows Anja to work on some vocal stylings, to show her vocal prowess and to deliver a fantastic vocal performance.


4. Kat Jade
Dark horse
Live Shows 2

– The perfect time to go back on what does best, Kat did this Katy Perry hit justice. She was able to deliver something almost mystical, dark inspired yet maintaining that pop essence of the song. More so, I love Kat’s vocal choices here. It was dynamic and powerful and she was able to make use of her low and high register quite well.


3. Sabrina Batshon
Live Shows 2

– Sabrina keeps growing on me. This track showed us how well she can really perform. She manage to delivery something with so much dynamics. Her phrasing sounded great. There’s drama in here that is palpable. Her vocals, amazing!


2. Robbie Balmer
Burn for you
The Showdowns

– Robbie to me is a sensitive vocalist. His tone, gorgeous and sweet, yet he manage to convey something powerful albeit this emotional ballad. His vocal choices were spot on. The liberties he took were nice and his vibratto sounded fantastic!


1. Sabrina Batshon
Live Shows 1

– How can you sing a Sia track? I guess Sabrina showed us how! Her vocals were simply, spot on! This is probably the best performance of the season to date and this is pretty solid! Really good job.


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