20 Songs Of 2014

Just like last year and the year before and a year before before, lol, I was able to compile a competent yet very subjective list of songs that I personally thought peaked in the year of 2014.

In 2014, we saw new artists emerged from out of nowhere and gave us some LSS-worthy of pop tunes. The staples of music industry are still there and an emergence of the male version of Adele has just won the hearts of many and a lot of award giving bodies.

Now here is my list of the yearly 20 Songs Of – this time – 2014:

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Fifth Harmony – Boss; Ariana Grande (ft. Zedd) – Break Free; Nicki Minaj – Anaconda; Iggy Azalea (ft. Charli XCX) – Fancy; Tove Lo – Habits; Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

Meghan Trainor

– In a battle of “Body empowerment” songs, two of them stood out and even if Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda missed my list, I still applaud her for that. But what really sided me with Meghan’s song more is the reto infused she put on the track. It felt fresh even if there is a touch of vintage sound from the quality of her tone to the production of the song. More so, it has a hook infectious enough to make you sing along.

5 Seconds Of Summer

– The emergence of 5 Seconds of Summer could’ve been a serious threat to One Direction but what I like about them is that they took a different route. Taking the pop-rock genre which has been vacant recently forces them to enjoy their own spotlight. She looks so perfect is the perfecf summer jam. With a rousing hook to a light rock anthem, the track is probably the best introduction of what the band can offer.

Maroon 5

– From the moment lead singer Adam Levine opened the song on that chorus, making his thin yet sexy inflicted tone more noticeable and appealing. Look, Adam may be an underrated vocalist, but his voice really worked in this song that is filled with innuendos and animalistic appeal.

Taylor Swift

– Playful yet catchy! Taylor Swift has found a niche of writing songs that seems to be too indulgent yet you can’t help but be caught to it. From the repetitive words of “shake shake shake” to the words “break break break”, you can just find yourself singing along.

Jason Derulo (ft. 2 Chainz)

– In my ears, it was so smart to play with the trumpet sounds as it distinguishes right away a tune that is probably remembered in Jason Derulo’s book. It was catchy and infectious and the whole song was just a joy to dance to.

Beyonce (ft. Jay Z)

– There’s an effortless sexiness in this Beyonce’ tune that I adore. It’s not affected nor insulting to any gender. Also, it is nice to hear Beyonce tackle another genre – well not actually another – but to my ears it was a refreshing urban-R&B gem.

14. RUDE

– The silliness and hilarity of its story telling in lyrics is backed up with a reggae flavor that I thought easily a hit. The beat is simple and the hook is just catchy. Who would have thought that such genre could win the hearts of the current music industry.

Arina Grande (ft. Iggy Azalea)

– Ariana Grande followed up her successful debut last year with another pop tune and this time she is assisted with new hip-hop artist, Iggy Azalea. Though she’s been criticize for her poor enunciation and a second rate Marij Carey sound alike, Ariana proved that she is a viable pop artist here. With the track boasting some solid beats and a rousing pre-chorus that leads to an almost whispery yet hook-laiden chorus. This is a win. Plus, that rap verse from Iggy is quite impressive.


– It’s a wonderful contrast! This Hozier single is such a solid debut. With the lead vocalist’s tone distinctively making an impression, Take me to church is a gorgeous pop rock effort.

Nick Jonas

– The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick made an impression when he define himself in a whole new package. Taking out any traces of the boyband appeal, Nick is now sexy, manly and oozing with so much confidence. Jealous is a perfect introduction to that change and his vocals were effortless. It has that Justin Timberlake sexy sound, a Robin Thicke falsetto combination and a grit that created a texture on the whole song.

Clean Bandit (ft. Jess Glynne)

– The retro vibe of such dance-electro-pop tune is what made this song a solid offering. Not to mention, Jess Glynne was actually a joy to listen to. The backdrop of the music is simple and not overpowering. It’s a brilliant combination and I am not complaining.

Katy Perry (ft. Juicy J)

– The song demands attention with the beat giving us a pulsating rhythm then comes in Katy Perry’s vocals that is just underrated. Juicy J’s rap verses is actually a lovely combination as it didn’t deviate much to the beat that the whole song faithfully classified.

Taylor Swift

– Have you heard that “Starbucks lover”? Yeah apparently we all misheard it and for me that was a brilliant lyric play as it gave another level of attention to the song. The song itself is infectious already. It is relatable, simple and catchy. Noone can’t fault that to Ms. Swift as she does continue to make LSS-worthy songs.

Ed Sheeran

– It’s like the modern day Romeo & Juliet theme. Thinking Out Loud is sweet, sincere and with a voice like that of Ed Sheeran? He easily sold the song with such classic, simple and lovely impact.


– Sia is one hell of a songwriter and a vocalist as well. I could never really think of somebody else nailing such hard song other than her. Chandelier is infectious with a rousing chorus and a series of verses that demands attention. The song itself is a lyric genius with a sense of realism.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

– Given three big artists come together to give us an infectious, catchy and vocally bombast song? I am very much pleased. The beat pulsating to our eardrums with so much gusto and demand. Then Nicki Minaj fireplay that rap verse like no other? I am done. Bang Bang is a solid uptempo track that is filled with dynamics.

Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars)

– In a year where the inflection of retro sound, Mark Ronson’s collaboration with Bruno Mars easily wins it among the rest. It was infectious and catchy. The song is such a perfecf jam with Bruno Mars’ vocals undeniably a solid trend. And even if the track dropped in almost the end of the year, with such momentum and steam.. I am pretty sure this winning combination will carry out til next year.

Pharrell Williams

– Pharrell is not the best singer at all, let me get that straight but Happy is simply a track that makes you happy. It is a catchy and unassuming and the clap beat is an added touch that I really think worked given the theme of the song.

John Legend

– John Legend’s All of me is a sincere and genuine ode to a love one. It is sweet, lovelg and beautifully writtend albeit cheesy love ballad. And as the piano-driven track reaches a crescendo, John Legend explodes to a thousands of floating hearts and an emotional track is produced in the end. Lovely!

Sam Smith

– Is he the new Adele? Look, let’s be fair to Sam as he is literally the breakout star of 2014 in terms of music. His vocals were effortlessly beautiful! And this track is an emotional pop ballad tht features the beauty in his voice and Stay with me is just gorgeous! In an almost gospelic approach, the song is a winning piece from a up and coming music star.


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