New Track: Elmo Magalona – What’s My Name (ft. Jay R)


Returning to the music scene, Elmo Magalona dropped his newest single last December 28, 2014 and welcomes the new year with a new track that obviously his fans (and hopefully, non-fans as well) will enjoy. The track is another collaboration from Philippines’ R&B prince, Jay R, with some track inflections heard from international star, Billy Crawford. The track, which is by the way not a ripped off from Rihanna’s but had a little influence from Eminem’s, boasts a catchy chorus and easy feel verses. The sound, which also had some nice bass and infectious chorus hook, is undeniably a radio-friendly track that could deviate Elmo from his father’s kind of hip-hop. This could actually give Elmo a clearer personality that will help him create a mark that is not behind his father’s shadow. 4 years ago, Elmo launched his first single “3 Stars & the Son” and in 2013, he revamped his father’s legacy by adding “Forever More” to the Kaleidoscope World for a commercial. His fans will for sure be very enthusiastic with this new release.

To listen for the new track, check the video below:


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