American Idol XIV: Auditions (2)


Great judges chemistry. Fantastic personalities. Solid second night of auditions. This is exciting!!! I hope they will sustain. On one note, there are a lot of people auditioning with their guitars.. haha.

Now on to the auditionees tonight (except for those in the montaged)..

Andrew Annello, Signed, Sealed, Delivered/My Girl – The first song was all over the place. The second one had some lovely notes but kinda safe. It is okay for me. 6

Loren Lott, Treasure/Saving All My Love For You – I do agree with the judges, there’s something calculated about her performance that trancends on screen. It is like she is always aware that there is camera. Her first song performance was full of personality but inconsistent with vocals. The second one sounded a little forced witg some pitch issues. But she’s beautiful and had so much personality. 6.5

Trevor Douglas, Sing! – Geek represent!!! Loved him. Though I thought it was a little too fast, he had some great dynamics going on and that falsetto was nicely done. 7

Piper Jones, Mama Knows Best – Wow! That range!! Vocally impressive. Great control. 7

Kelly Kime, Sunday Morning – Lovely tone. Gorgeous phrasing. This is a really strong audition. Oh, plus points to her adorable daughter. Cute!!! 7

Garrett Miles, Proud Mary – Nice but generic. He has some grit as well which is pretty and I love how he is funny and didn’t rely on his background story. 6.5

Clark Beckham, It’s A Man’s Man’s World – There is softness in his delivery that I adore personally. I hated the guitar because I thought it didn’t allow him to dig deeper or let loose but he really has this nice voice. I’m keeping an eye on him. 7

Gina Venier, Put The Gun Down – Quirky. Solid. Different. Brave. 6.5

Alex Shier, I See Fire – Loved his tone. It wasn’t perfect but there is a raw potential in him that I am rooting for. His phrasing was nice. A little off pitch in places. Plus, that change he did, what a great difference from last year to this year! Great looking as well. 7

Cody Fry, Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Great vocals. Fantastic vocals. His vocal choices and adlibs were nice. This is a strong audition! 7.5

Hector Montenegro, Too Close – Nice voice. Nothing groundbreaking. Great personality though. 6.5

Sarina-Joi Crowe, Love Runs Out – Her fourth time to audition!!! It’s crazy and she really never loses hope. Hah! Great vocals. Nice phrasing. Solid adlibs. I wonder why she got cut before but I guess she’s not that memorable enough. I hope she goes a long way this year. 7.5

Savion Wright, Change The World – Oh God! Great vocals. That tone is beautiful. Crazy dynamics! Loved this! 7.5

Zach Kaltenbach, Grenade – Look, Zach sang it good but there is something forgettable about him! I hope he works on his presence more and his vocal control. But this is decent enough. 6.5

Naomi Tatsuoka, Someone Like You – A little over dramatic but she has decent voice. Her range is big and her tone is really nice. 6.5

Jhameel, Buy You A Drink – Generic. Interesting. Lovely tone. 6

Lovey James, Break Free – Is she copying Ariana Grande? Lol. Annoying ennunciation but she really has this nice, strong, current pop voice! I wish she would dress like 16. Haha. That was like… no, darling! 7

Jess Lamb, Ain’t No Sunshine – Interesting tone. Nice. But this song (performance to be exact) is owned by Kris Allen (Season 8) and that is the benchmark for me and I didn’t think she came close. But it was okay. Too much adlibs in between verses. 6.5


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