Movie Review: American Sniper (’15 Clint Eastwood)


For a war film, this one is more focused. Clint Eastwood was able to craft a film that allows us to embrace a character of which Bradley Cooper successfully embodies. This kind of films could go either way. Usually, if it is not visually stunning or well acted, the film is just boring as hell. But with this one, American Sniper got us glued. There is a right intensity and enough vulnerability from the way Bradley Cooper executed his role. His nuances were fantastic. His delivery is delicious and every single moment was just breathtaking. Sure, the film felt a little tight in parts and the story telling felt dragging at times but the sequences were nicely done. On a personal note, I never really thought I would like such film but surprisingly, I was really impressed. To sum it up in two words? Bradley Cooper! 8


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