The Voice Philippines 2: Knockouts (#TeamAPL)


And I’m Back!! Lol. Yes, I didn’t cover the Blinds and Battles but I will do Knockouts until the Finals. Season 2 of The Voice Philippines in terms of format is miles better than season 1. I’ve faithfully saw both the Battles and Blinds and I seriously thought the season will be underwhelming but I digress. Some were questionably chosen or even made it to the Knockouts. Like Seriously? But then what do I know.

Back to tonight’s episode, it is the start of Knockouts. In the Australian version, this is known as the “Showdowns”. Basically the juice is that the coach will group his team into three and each artist will battle it out. 2 will be chosen to move forward while the other 1 will be eliminated.

First up, Team APL. APL is fairly unpredictable. You can never really tell who will he choose or what is his game plan. To be honest, he has some strong vocalists but will one of them be relatable to the audience? We will see.

On to the first night of Knockouts with Team APL..



[3] Ferns Tosco
Let It Be

– She tried to stay true to herself and be different. The artistry attempt was there but the performance, to be honest, is just awful! Her pitch was all over the place. Her adlibs sounded shouty and her tone is just grating. Sorry, but it was just weird. 3

[2] Patricia Gomez

– I bet the real reason why APL didn’t choose her because he is not really familiar with the song. Lol. Patricia sounded like Armi (of UDD) which made the performance sounds like more of a copy cat. I like the key changes in the first verse but her vocals really soared high during the second half. 6.5

[1] Suy Galvez
At Last

– A little pageanty but it was vocally impressive. There’s power and passion on her delivery that created dynamics throughout the performance. One thing though, can she be more current? 6.5

VERDICT: Ferns Tosco & Suy Galvez



[3] Mark Cando
Impossible Dream

– No Mark, you didn’t reach the unreachable star!! This was just bad. His lower register was okay but once he needed to hit those hight notes, he didn’t have the tools. 4

[2] Daryl Ong
Greatest Love Of All

– At least it is not “I will always love you” or “I have nothing”. Haha. But this is just, weirdly uneven. His vocals were not consistent. The key changes sounded off but I did like the fact that he hits most of his high notes. But it didn’t really go anywhere, just having those unnecessary runs which took away the essence of the song. 5

[1] Bradley Holmes
Kamusta Mga Kaibigan

– Electric. Soaring vocals. Confident. But not that memorable. 6.5

VERDICT: Bradley Holmes & Daryl Ong



[3] Jannet Cadayona
Pusong Bato

– Again, I’m pretty sure, APL has no idea about the song. Lol. This was just shouty. And then she got that wobbly note towards the end? Everything just crumbles. 4

[2] Mackie Cao

– Stop shouting!!!!!! Well at least, her notes were on point but c’mon, stop shouting!!! 5

[1] Alisah Bonaobra
Follow Your Dreams

– Again.. stop shouting!!! This sounded old fashioned too no? But At least she showcased dynamics and her lower notes were gorgeous but once she decided to shout at us, I wanted to punch everybody on Team APL, including APL. Lol 6

VERDICT: Alisah Bonaobra & Mackie Cao


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