The Voice Philippines 2: Knockouts (#TeamLEA)


There’s a reason why I am not so fond of Miss Lea on this show. I like her to be honest, she’s smart, a very good theater actress and a fantastic singer. But. Haha. As a coach? Definitely not my favorite at all. She could bring the technicalities and all but her over the top acting and almost uncomfortable orgasmic reactions were annoying. Plus, her choices would always left me saying “Are you serious?” Haha. But then what do I know? I may rant and thoughtfully share my sentiments but at the end of the day, she’s still sitting there, knowing what’s best for her team and maybe she has plans that I can’t really decipher right now. Lol. Also, did she chose her stolen artists over her original ones? Oops.

Anyway, night two of knockouts tonight and it is time for Lea’s team to take centerstage. Let’s see how things will transpire..



[3] Charlie Catbagan
Kahit Isang Saglit

– Did he just sound off pitch for most parts? There are moments where he sounded nice but for most of it, it was flat and if not, sharp. 4.5

[2] Timmy Pavino

– He started really strong. The first verse sounded lovely. His vocal choices were on point, not until he reached that build up and the series of high notes made his vocals sound off and sharp. 6

[1] Leah Patricio
Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin

– Technically suave! Her vocals were impressive and the dynamics she put out is just spot on. This was a great performance to be honest but it didn’t gave us something new or different from her rendition that we haven’t saw from other people. But this was just gorgeously sang! 7.5

VERDICT: Leah Patricio & Timmy Pavino



[3] Casper Blancaflor
Bring Me To Life

– THIS. IS. ANNOYING!!! The Voice. The Phrasing. The ennunciation. It was just so painful to hear. 2

[2] Nino Alejandro
Love Hurts

– Karaoke. Next. 4

[1] Mic Llave

– From the easy feel to the fantastic dynamics display, Mic was clearly robbed. The clarity was there. The phrasing was gorgeous. The vocals were on point. Sure, he didn’t have those power vocals but at least he didn’t do something over the top and then sounded sharp! 7

VERDICT: Nino Alejandro & Casper Blancaflor



[3] Abbey Pineda
Di Na Natuto

– Abbey sounded fantastic! Her vocals were lovely. The phrasing was gorgeous. The thing that separates her from Jem is the song choice. I thought Abbey’s song choice is too safe and forgettable. But there is no denying, she sounded really good. 6.5

[2] Jem Cubil

– Not perfect but he sounded nice during the second half. Plus, he is the most marketable out of all the artists this season and with the right song choice, he can really do well. 6.5

[1] Miro Valera

– Smart. Brave. Authentic. Sure, the arrangement left us with a song that is almost unrecognizable, but you can still recognize it from the vocal choices he had. The vocals weren’t perfect but it was entertaining. 7.5

VERDICT: Miro Valera & Abbey Pineda


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