American Idol XIV: Auditions (3)


It’s an underwhelming third night of auditions for my taste. The talent were lackluster and it’s just too much country singers in this episode (well the auditions on this episode were held on Kansas) but still I was looking for varieties and breakout performances. Good thing the judges were so funny!

Anyway, here’s how the night went and I hope the episode on Thursday will be more exciting!

“Big” Ron Wilson, Let’s get it on – Definitely personality type of performer but nothing really spectacular in here. The vocals were ok. 5

Joey Cook, Tallest Man On Earth – Quirky, interesting but I’ve heard better. 6

Alexis Gomez, Little White Church – Vocally ok and generic. Gorgeous girl! 6

Anton Bushner, Tonight I Wanna Cry – Again, generic and vocally ok. 6

Stephanie Gummelt, “Original Song” – Her speaking voice is surprisingly way different than her singing voice. Lol. This was ok but there’s nothing groundbreaking about her that you will root and look forward to. 6

Ellen Peterson, I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart – Ahhh this is exhausting. Another generic, vocally okay contestant. 6

Kholton Pascal, “Original Song” – Ok. Lol he looks like Caleb Johnson (Season 13 winner)’s younger brother. Hahaha 4


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