American Idol XIV: Auditions (4)


Adam Lambert guests judge tonight because Keith Urban is not available for some personal commitments. American Idol heads to New York for auditions and I must say that this is way better than last night — I mean, miles, miles, miles better. The variety of talent is fantastic and the talent itself was good! Oh, I would like to commend Adam as he brought a different vibe, chemistry and nice commentaries which solidify yet another solid judging panel tonight — even J.Lo is giving her constructive criticisms pretty well.

Now let’s see how the night went.

Sal Valentinetti, Fly Me To The Moon – It was okay to me and I was surprised he got a pass. I feel like this was just underwhelming to start the night and at the end of the show, I really can’t remember him (well I just had to youtube him again to watch his performance). 4

J. None, My Prerogative – Gorgeous tone. Plus, he is likable or I think it was “Mr. Crispy”.6.5

Jax, I Want To Hold Your Hand – There’s something sweet and genuine in her performance that I like. Her tone is lovely. The performance isn’t perfect but it was powerful at its best. 8

Najah Lewis, Payphone – The stripped down version created a raw and authentic quality that exposes Najah’s vocals. It was actually an impressive audition. A little off timing (I think) but she made use of her ad libs quite well. 7

Tion Phipps, When I Was Your Man – Lovely tone. It was vocally smooth and sweet and the vocal choices were spot on. 7

James Killian Dunn, Latch – I like this! The tone is smooth and gorgeous and his vocals were soaring impressively. 7

Shi Scott, Valerie – Her nerves were there but this girl has a gorgeous tone and a vocals that could go to places. I think she just needs to have that confidence and polishing and she will or might be unstoppable! 7

Eric Lopez, The Show Must Go On – Seriously? 2

Maddie Walker, Suitcase – Stronger audition than last year. Her vocals were better and her tone is just gorgeous. 7

Courtney Zahn, Classic – Too polished but I am not complaining. Though there’s something vanilla about her despite giving a really nice audition. 7

Jackie Nese, Born This Way – I agree with the judges, this needed that extra umft. This is not bad at all but it felt empty. 6.5

Qaasim Middleton, Sir Duke – He has showmanship. He is confident but not cocky. He knows what he wants and he backs it up with a really nice, smooth vocal performance. 7

Adam Ezegelian, Born To Be Wild/I’m Yours – Oh thank God they asked him to sing another song. The first one was painful not because it was bad but he was just like almost shouting the words to impress, the second one sounded lovely. The vocals were more on point and the gorgeous tone of Adam was front and center. 7

Katherine Winston, If I Didn’t Know Better – Her voice is just haunting and cold. It was a nice audition actually but I’m expecting for more from her in the next rounds. 7

Travis Finlay, Stay – I didn’t expect this. It was actually a nice audition but his excessive runs are annoying. 6

Nick Fradiani, In Your Eyes – This is really good and I can see Nick going far. He has the looks, the guitar and the voice. Plus, he is really charismatic. Too bad his girlfriend got a “no”. 7.5

Hollywood Anderson, “Original Song” – This was emotionally invested. Vocally okay but it was full of heart. It was moving! 6.5


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