The Voice Philippines 2: Knockouts (#TeamSarah)


Can we crown a member of Team Sarah as the winner already? Haha. Team Sarah, and I mean everyone, delivered performances that Team Apl and Lea failed to do. This was just so solid! From the song choices, the arrangements and performances themselves, they just brought it!

This night proves to us that even if Sarah Geronimo is youngest coach out of the 4, she’s the person to beat. She just knows what she’s doing. Her input where on point and her decisions — most — were spot on.

Now let’s see how this great night went..



[3] Poppert Bernadas
Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos

– Poppert displayed restraints when needed and delivered vocal acrobats in its right places. The performance was nice, it had lots of moments that were remarkable. Here’s my thing about the performance though: It felt like Poppert is still performing in theatre. It didn’t felt like he was performing as a legit singer-performer. Plus, the song choice. Oh gawd. But then I hope Sarah could guide him in defining himself as a performer now and not like a singing-theatre performer. Get me? 7

[2] Demie Fresco
My Immortal

– The song choice made Demie had the upper hand over Poppert but the delivery is almost neck to neck. They’ve had some impressive vocal display and those low registers were gorgeous. She stumble a little bit on her timing but she managed to pull herself back and end well. 7

[1] Monique Lualhati
I Knew You Were Trouble

– Sure, Monique didn’t hit the high notes flawlessly but her rendition sold me big time. The arrangement was nice. The vocal dynamics were gorgeous. Her phrasing is smooth and the whole thing just worked together. This performance gave us a different side of Monique and that just proved how diverse she can be. 8

VERDICT: Poppert Bernadas & Monique Lualhati



[3] Douglas Dagal
I Believe I Can Fly

– Ugh. The song choice! It was a nice take actually. His vocals were nice in parts. The high register suffered a little bit but his delivery is very grounded. But. This isn’t as memorable as I wish it could be no? 7

[2] Carol Leus
Open Arms

– Her delivery reminded me so much of Rachelle Ann Go! The vocal acrobats, those low registers were gorgeous and her phrasing, oh my God!, really beautiful. The thing that made RAG a force to reckon with? the high, soaring vocals! Carol doesn’t have the same power and it showed when she tried to reach those high notes. 7.5

[1] Jason Dy
Jar Of Hearts

– Remember when Morissette Amon (of Season 1) performed this beautifully? Yup! I think Jason is trying to recreate that moment and I think it worked! His delivery is good. The vocals were impressive and he knows when and where to put his ad libs. His high register is a little shaky but I love how he put a little spin on it to make it sound R&B-ish. This was solid! 8

VERDICT: Jason James Dy & Douglas Dagal



[3] Shaira Cervancia
Don’t Stop Believin’

– Dear Shaira, we already have KZ Tandingan so we don’t actually need another one. This wasn’t bad but it borders more on trying hard than the authenticity that she had during the battles. 6.5

[2] Jason Fernandez

– Loved the song! Solid vocals. Beautiful tone. Not over the top. Great performance! 7.5

[1] Kokoi Baldo
Bilog Na Naman Ang Buwan

– Kokoi created his niche in the competition that is different from the others. You can’t really compare him from the other contestants. My only concern is that he maybe limited and a little polarizing that the audience will not entirely relate on him. But then this is a solid, fun and crazy good performance! 8

VERDICT: Kokoi Baldo & Jason Fernandez


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