The Voice Philippines 2: Knockouts (#TeamBamboo)


The night was fine. The performances were better than let’s say from Team Lea and Apl, but you know what I realized after watching Team Bamboo performs? They are so bland and forgettable. I mean, at the end of the day, you just didn’t care about them which is a sin in a competition like this because you need people to root for you, to vote for you. I hope as the weeks go on, people will ralky behind some of Bamboo’s artists.

Anyway, still we find some of Bamboo’s choices baffling (hello Lee Grane of Season 1!) but then it is his choice.

So let’s see how the night went..



[3] Joniver Robles
Himig Natin

– Outdated + Boring. 3

[2] Karlo Mojica

– Outdated + Boring, too. 3

[1] Rita Martinez
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

– Miles, miles, miles better than the other two. Lacks energy and consistent vocals but this is way more tolerable. 6

VERDICT: Karlo Mojica & Rita Martinez (Note: Joniver Robles was chosen by Bamboo to move forward but he quits that automatically made Rita be in his place instead.)



[3] Rence Repanot
Walang Hanggang Paalam

– It’s painfully boring. 4

[2] Kai Honasan
Limang Dipang Tao

– Sure Kai stood up and showed personality and this is very different from her previous laid back performances but damn her vocals suffered big time. It was shaky, off pitch and all over the place. 4.5

[1] Elmerjun Hilario

– Plus points on the idea to slow down this Sam-Tippy collaboration. It was actually brave of him and I thought the arrangement worked. If there is one thing though: I think it was too slowdown that it end up almost sleepy. But then his vocals were pretty nice, not fantastic, but at least he created something exciting even if it didn’t really come together as one in the end. 6.5

VERDICT: Kai Honasan & Rence Rapanot



[3] Tany Diaz
I Remember You

– I never really get the Tanya love. I thought this will be a different side of her but once she decided to shout at us (again!!!), I just lost it. Sorry. 3

[2] Arnee Hidalgo

– Arnee is way better than this. She doesn’t have the same grit and soul, Alicia has when she performed this. Her high register lacks enough power and am I the only one who thought this was way too embellished that I end up not understanding some of her words? 5

[1] Lougee Basabas
Chain Of Fools

– Probably not the song choice for her but she made the most out of this. Her vocals were uneven but at least she tried to make it sound easy. This was okay, if also she had that sass to pull this off. Maybe if she let loose, then this will be a total home run! 6.5

VERDICT: Arnee Hidalgo & Tanya Diaz


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