Cover: James Graham (of Stereo Kicks) – Sunday Morning


Vocally, we could all assume that James Graham should have move forward in the recent X Factor UK franchise as a solo artist because well, he is incredible! But something happened with the judges thinking and cut him during boot camp in favor of lesser impressive vocalists. But that didn’t put an end to a bright future for James as he was put together with 7 other voices into the biggest boy band created in a reality singing competition — Stereo Kicks! They’ve placed 5th during that season run and I must say they have the best arc as week by week they’ve improved their craft more than any others. Anyway, James Graham (who probably has one of my favorite voices at the recent years) covered this summer-laid back hit of Maroon 5. Sunday Morning could have been in paper, a train wreck, but James impressive vocals and solid dynamics somehow manage to pull one of the best covers of the song to date. It sounded smooth and solid as it leaves us with a more manly taste — we all know Adam has a woman-like tone — but still maintaining the summer-laidback vibe of the song. This is really good!

Check out the video below:


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