American Idol XIV: Auditions (5)


As the auditions continue, we are given a mix of talented and really, really? types of artists. Of course, the judging panel is still funny and Harry’s shticks are just crazily hilarious!

Anyway, the auditions heads to Minneapolis and the 1 hour episode is an entertaining one in terms of talent and entertainment.

Let’s see who made it..

Shannon Berthiaume, House Of The Rising Sun – Raw but overwrought. This sounded okay in parts but unpleasantly shrill once she tried to overdone those notes. 6.5

Vanessa Andrea, Some Kind Of Wonderful – Nice tone. Great confidence. Impressive vocals. I didn’t expect this at all. 7

Zach Johnson, Don’t Close Your Eyes – Weird that his speaking voice is way different from his singing voice. Not that it was a bad thing, but the country twang when he was singing sounded way too trying hard. This was ok but not that groundbreaking. 6

Cindy Jo, Crazy – This is pretty all over the place for me. I am not sure if it was her rhythm or her pitch. But I did love the end of this audition, freakin’ Harry is so funny!!! Going back to her, yeah.. she’s blah. 5

Jacob Tolliver, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On/Stay With Me – He is a better pianist than a singer and his audition is just weirdly bad albeit entertaining when he was doing those piano stuff in his first audition. 2

Hanna Mozrak, Something’s Got A Hold On Me – Wow, this was really good. She doesn’t look like 16 at all. Lol but she really has a good, radio ready voice! This was great! 7.5

Mark Andrew, Soulshine/Be Like You – Soulful! His tone is fantastic. The phrasing was lovely. A little breathy in parts but he really connects with his material so well! Really good audition. Oh, I remember him from the voice season 4! Haha. 7.5


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