American Idol XIV: Auditions (6)


This is weirdly uneven for me as an episode. There are some interesting artists and there are some that you wonder why did they even let them move forward. But then this is still an entertaining episode but there are no groundbreaking performance to boast for.

Now on to the episode..

Angelica “Jelly” Joseph, Rolling In The Deep – Great voice! I love her dynamics. She has this incredible control and the interpretation was just enough, not too overwrought, not to simple. 7

Tiffany Stringer, Want U Back – She’s very bubbly but her audition is simply blah. Her vocals were underwhelming and she sounded like she was just cheering! Haha. 3

Greyson Turner, “Original Song” – I love this! His voice reminded me of Phillip Phillips (Season 11 winner), only less intense but that solid, gritty and whole kind of vocals, for me worked pretty well! 7.5

Quentin Alexander, Royals – This was fairly okay. His high register needed work and his phrasing is a little uneven but his tone is gorgeous. 6.5

Mikey Duran, “Original Song” – Wow! Didn’t expect this. This dude is charming, vocally impressive and even if his a little nasally, he was able to keep me interested on him. 7.5

Ricky Dale Hendricks, The Thunder Rolls – There’s something about him that needed more time to develop. I think he didn’t have that control that made his pitch sound like all over the place. But his tone is quite solid. 6

Dakota Suarez, Dog Days Are Over – Eh? Okay but I’m not really sold at him. I don’t know if I feel like the voice is generic or I feel underwhelmed. 4

Adam Lasher, “Original Song” – This is a really strong and nice original song! The vocals were good too and he has this presence that is impeccable! And he does look like Jimmy Fallon, with facial hair! Haha. 7.5

Erica Washington, Halo – Powerful vocals. She needed a little control because some of her notes were bordering to shouting. 6.5


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