Movie Review: Cake (’15 Daniel Barnz)


Many critics oftenly criticizes Jennifer Aniston as someone who over indulge herself with the character but I digress. Jennifer Aniston probably showcased her best performance to date. Her nuance was astounding. Her acting was layered enough and her ability to go with some touch of comedy and then be vulnerable is just spot on. This is a performance that you wonder how the Academy managed to disregard her even as a nominee for Best Actress. Sure, the movie’s narrative is flawed in parts but there is something compelling about the totality of the film. You just want to know what will happen next even if the film isn’t a grandeous action or sci-fi film. You wonder what will happen to her character. You wonder a lot of times. The script had tons of potential actually, to be fair, it had so much bright moments that made Jennifer shine as a character, front and center. All in all, Cake is a lovely film boasts by its lead character’s fine performance! 8


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