American Idol XIV: Auditions (7)


I loved this episode. It was hilarious and entertaining with loads of talent to boast for. This made me not think of how exhausting the auditions are. Because like in week 2, I was like “Is the auditions ain’t over?”

Now let’s see who made it tonight..

Katherine Skinner, Shake It Out – She’s cray!! Haha. But the girl has pipes. Her style is a little old fashion but her vocals were raw albeit careless. 6.5

Andrew Bloom, Too Close – I absolutely loved this. There is confidence in him that isn’t cocky and his tone is simply gorgeous. Sure, it wasn’t perfect because he lacks control but he sounds current and pop ready. 7.5

Kellyeann Rodgers, A Song For You – Gorgeous tone. Lovely phrasing. Impressive vocals. 7.5

Reno Anoa’i, I Don’t Want To Talk About It – His tone sounds so sweet and there is believability in him that transcends naturally. This isn’t perfect, his pitch came off a little in parts and he sounds sharp in his high notes. But this sounds pleasant. 6.5

Rayvon Owen, Wide Awake – This started really beautiful. His vocals were impressive. The tone is lovely and his vocal choices were almost spot on. A little too much on the runs but I digress. 8

Maddy Hudson, Resentment – Her tone is raw. She lacks control especially when she just throws her notes in the air. But she has potential, great one! 7


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