American Idol XIV: Auditions (8)


Last leg for the auditions episodes. Yes! Yes! Yes! It felt too long, to be honest. This is a fairly decent set of artists with few great standouts.

Let’s see how the night went..

Adanna Duru, You & I – Her tone sounded typical yet current. That is not a bad thing for me and she sounded really good all throughout. Her vocal chops were impressive. The end sounded off pitch though but I digress. Really nice audition. 7.5

Hunter Larsen, That’s life – Decent but not that memorable. 6.5

Tara Honda, I Feel The Earth Move – She sounds like the original at some point but her delivery sounded really current. It’s a little generic in parts but it was all in all really nice. 7

Daniel Seavey, Hallelujah/Straight Up – Too young. I am not sure if he candle the pressure of the competition or he will eventually crash and burn. He has this tone that is nice despite cracking every now and then. He really needs to work on his musicality. 6

Rocky Peter, “Original Song” – The background story is really sentimental. This performance sounds polarizing in parts, more so, like a tribal hymn. Not my cup of tea, I guess. 6

Jaq Mackenzie, “Original Song” – Interesting tone. Not a fan of her song. Lol. 6

Tyanna Jones, Wings – Fantastic audition. Vocal control was great. Presence is remarkable. The tone is lovely. Her delivery is simply impeccable! 8


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