Cover: Stereo Kicks – Fix You


This is, I think, my third post about Stereo Kicks because quite frankly the eight man boy band and X Factor UK alums are all over UK these past weeks. From gigs to guest appearances to studio recordings, they were taking this journey one step at a time. I’m happy for this group. They are improving each and every time I see them perform. If before, it was just like James and the 7 back-ups, now the vocals of the others are shining as well and I love how James is very grounded and supportive with them and allowing the others to actually shine on their own.

Last time, they’ve covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and it was surprisingly impressive! Last night, ShowcaseLive uploaded a decent cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. The group performed it well, with James starting the voice in a stunning fashion. Plus, their harmonies in the latter part? Oh my God! That was beautiful! A couple of things though: Reece should watch out for his vocal control. Chris messed up with his lyrics but it’s nice how he recovered. I wish, the performance ended with James instead of Jake & Charlie. Not that they are terrible singers – No! – but Jake’s grit and Charlie’s round, big voice, felt like it didn’t suit the haunting build up they’ve made pre-end. But then I digress. This is stull an impressive, vocal performance with James Graham leading the pack! Great job lads!

Check out the group’s cover of this Coldplay hit below:


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