The Voice Philippines 2: Live Play-Offs (2)


Can we not eliminate anybody from Team Sarah? Because quite frankly, they’ve brought their A-game last night that it is frustrating to see one of them go home and yet we are stuck with a less impressive artist from other teams.

Nonetheless, even if there are some tired old song choices, attempts of rearranging songs and predictable performances, this is way better than last week’s group. The performances were more technically solid and it is actually hard to predict who will move forward.

With that being said, here’s how I rank the artists per team..


[3] Alisah Bonaobra
Bituing Walang Ningning

– How old is she again? Right! Look. Alisah can definitely sing. Her tone is gorgeous. Her phrasing is on point and she has power vocals to match her contemporaries but she needs to graduate from these tired song choices that were overused in a fiesta singing contest. This is a bigger platform. This was vocally, yet again, impressive but I just really didn’t care afterwards. 6

[2] Mackie Cao
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

– Her high register was almost flawless and her pitch is just spot on. Technically, this is one of the best of the night but as a whole this felt disconnected. The runs were a bit too much. Some parts were overkilled and her stage presence felt staged. 6.5

[1] Bradley Holmes
You Give Love A Bad Name

– Some see this as karaoke, while some were ecstatic about this. Bradley brought energy and passion tonight that he easily blew the other two out of the park. His vocals were mostly on point. It sounded a little karaoke on parts but then I didn’t mind. I seriously, enjoyed this! 8

PREDICTIONS: Bradley Holmes (Public’s Vote). Apl might choose Mackie Cao. But this is tricky because Mackie and Alisah were like the same person in terms of performance quality and presence. Lol.

– –

[3] Miro Valera
Wake Me Up

– I don’t know what happened but I feel like the song choice screw Miro over. This was totally disconnected. He looked uncomfortable on stage. His vocals were uneven and some of his words were too muddled. I feel like if they kept the arrangement stripped down, this will really work but the upbeat made Miro looked like he was running after the rhythm. 6

[2] Casper Blancaflor

– I never really see what is with Casper that people are impressed with her. I find her tone annoying; she’s like eating her words all the time. I must admit, this is miles better than her knockouts performance but still I just can jump on the Casper train. I am not really into her. 6

[1] Timmy Pavino
Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan

– Gorgeous tone. Charismatic. Forgettable. Decent performance. 6.5

PREDICTIONS: Timmy Pavino (Public’s Voice). Lea (I hope) might choose Miro over Casper. But we will see, I certainly didn’t really thought she woukd choose Casper during the Knockouts but she did. Haha.

– –

[3] Kokoi Baldo
Love & Devotion

– I love Kokoi. He stays true to his genre. He has this certain way of connecting to his material. He is so passionate with his body of work. But I must admit, the performance didn’t bring anything new to what he did before. This was a little, if not so, predictable. The vocals were not as strong as before and I am not sure if the public is relating to him to actually root for him. 6.5

[2] Douglas Dagal

– I like the arrangement. It created a good contrast from Michael Buble’s feel good ballad version. This sounds more pop but still keeping that ballad essence. Ha! The vocals were enough and I love how Douglas was able to connect with his material like he meant it. I wish there was a moment in here though but I digress. 6.5

[1] Jason Dy
Thinking Out Loud

– While Jason gave a more pop ballad version of this Ed Sheeran hit, there is no denying that the hype that was created around proved that this is his season to lose. I mean, he is clearly the front runner! His delivery sounded nice. His vocal choices were decent and I love how he showcased dynamics. Now, I’m just wondering if Jason is a one trick pony. But then, this is probably one of the strongest performance of the night. 8

PREDICTIONS: Jason Dy (Public’s Vote). It will be tricky because both Douglas and Kokoi delivered. But if I will reconsider the body of work from the previous rounds, I think Sarah would eventually go with Kokoi.

– –

[3] Rence Rapanot
Malayo Pa Ang Umaga

– Hmmm. Am I the only one who thought he has pitch problems all through out his performance? Not to mention, this was so boring. Sorry. 4.5

[2] Arnee Hidalgo
Crazy In Love

– People were saying that it was a ripped off of the version from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Uhm. Hello? That’s like a stupid argument especially if Arnee never really claim it was her original arrangement. Lol. This was, a little uncomfortable for me or I think there is an overwrought delivery of sensual on her performance that I thought unnecessary. But Arnee sounded nice here. Her vocals were soaring. I just didn’t think it created a moment for her. 6.5

[1] Tanya Diaz
Natural Woman

– Control! Yes! This is like slap in the face from all the screaming problems I had with her. Tanya just did what I asked her to do. Great vocal control. Her vocals were front and center. This isn’t over the top. And her display of dynamics was simply impeccable! I am not a fan but she definitely performed well last night. 7.5

PREDICTIONS: Tanya Diaz (Public’s Vote). I think Bamboo will choose Arnee.


2 thoughts on “The Voice Philippines 2: Live Play-Offs (2)

  1. I must agree with all of your scores, except for one….


    damn she’s great and I know Lea will pick her

    Still, team Sarah did the best last night


    • hehe. thanks! i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: Casper is a polarizing artist. Some will love her, some won’t. personally, i just dont think it was that good but her performance is miles better than the last time. 🙂


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