The Voice Philippines 2: Live Shows – Top 16 (Part 1)


And this is the reason why I hated the by team elimination. I mean, tonight we saw deserving artists got eliminated just because he is in a team where everybody delivers. Sigh.

Team Sarah once again brought the much needed fire and performances last night while Team APL, well I guess Apl hasn’t seen the current music book that after his team performed? I feel like I’ve aged 20 + years.

A couple of key stuff last night: The staging looks awful with lights like the show don’t want to spend money for electricity. Haha. And is Jason Dy not that really popular on the voting public? This will be the second time he hits bottom 2 and I am really surprised that the “front runner” doesn’t have people rallying behind him.

Nonetheless, here’s how night 1 of the Top 16 went with performances and results night happening.



[4] Mackie Cao
Maghintay Ka Lamang

– Old fashioned song choice and delivery. Mackie is proving one thing: She can shout, I mean, hit those high notes. And it sucks that there is no dynamics in here. She just keeps on belting those notes that were not even necessary. 4

[3] Suy Galvez
Bridge Over Troubled Water

– Suy keeps doing these over embellished runs and adlibs in her performance that it makes the song almost unrecognizable. More so, she keeps on hitting those high notes like Mackie. I just felt tired after watching this and not to mention the whole thing felt pageantry and sounded really dated. 4.5

[2] Daryl Ong

– Seriously, right after his performance? I frowned instead of smile. The whole thing was sleepy and dragging and exhausting, I just can’t. The song choice was meh. The delivery is boring. The whole thing was disconnected for me. 5

[1] Alisah Bonaobra

– Alisah topped her team because of one very evident reason: song choice! Yup, finally she sang something current. Right for her age. It made her sound now. The problem is, she looked uncomfortable on stage. Her vocals were well she keeps shouting. Haha. I swear, all of the artists in Team APL loves to… shout. This wasn’t up to pr what Team Sarah delivered, but out of all the artists in Team APL, Alisah was decent. Where is Bradley Holmes when you needed him? Right, he was eliminated last week. Meh. 6

Daryl Ong (Public’s Vote)
Alisah Bonaobra (Public’s Vote)
Mackie Cao (APL’s Choice)
Suy Galvez (Eliminated)

– –


[4] Jason Dy

– I didn’t really got the song choice but I guess Sarah wants to show the versatility of Jason. Now, he begins quite nice. That was a good, strategic move to slow it down. But once the band hits in and the arrangement went uptempo, Jason lost it. His verses were muddled, you can’t even understand some of his words. He sure has confidence. The chorus was nice but again the verses didn’t really come together. 6

[3] Kokoi Baldo
Could You Be Loved

– I like Kokoi. He’s very organic. He is unassuming and he stays true to his craft but I feel like this isn’t something I have not seen from him before. I mean, it was predictable already. Maybe if he stripped this reggae track down and offers us a water cooler performance from him, I’ll be excited because he stays true to himself while still branching out. This isn’t bad. But it wasn’t groundbreaking as well. 6.5

[2] Jason Fernandez
Moves Like Jagger

“Sunday Morning”? “Harder To Breathe”? “Animals”? There are a lot more in the Maroon 5 music book that I prefer Jason Fernanded should took rather than this. It felt corny in parts because the coolness and sexy quality he brings out didn’t felt natural. But then he sounded pretty nice. His nuances were almost spot on. The pitch was pretty good. But then again, I think the song choice bite him in the end. I like what Sarah was trying to do with him but I think it boils down to a better cong choice. Again, this wasn’t bad but it was average. 7

[1] Monique Lualhati
Bang Bang

– Monique is probably the dark horse that was under the radar not until she needed to fight. I mean, in the previous rounds she was just skating by and now she’s just performing better and better each and every week. This was really good. She didn’t try to be Jessie J but she didn’t overwrought the song just to prove a point. Her pitch was flawless. Her delivery sounded natural. Her vocal choices were spot on. Plus, she rapped! Really, really good job! 8

Kokoi Baldo (Public’s Vote)
Monique Lualhati (Public’s Vote)
Jason Dy (Sarah’s Choice)
Jason Fernandez (Eliminated)


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