American Idol XIV: Top 48 Revealed


I’m back! Haha. It is still Hollywood Week but this is the last round. I didn’t cover the first round of Line-Solo Performances and the Group round because I thought nothing much is seen there in terms of performance but just mere edited tv life and enetertainment.

So since the last round of Hollywood Week will be the final solo performances towards Top 48. I will cover this. I’m glad I did because there are pretty solid performances here and more air time for both who made it and got eliminated than drama moments.

I decided to just list down those who advance to the next round or in a simpler terms those who made it to the TOP 48.

Loren Lott, Skyfall – Her voice was cracking during those low notes but once she hit those high ones, it took us to another level. This was decent but I am not super blown away. 7

Daniel Seavey, I See Fire – Daniel surprised me in this round. He is continuously growing and I hope his nerves won’t eventually eat him alive. He has an interesting round, solid voice and this laid back, cool performance of an Ed Sheeran’s song gave us a lighter and pleasant vibe. 7

Shi Scott, All I Could Do Is Cry – Her nerves got the best of her. But this girl is really gorgeous. I wish she could work on her pitch more because she has this interesting tone that could really mean danger to the others. Her tone if she’s more confident and solid reminds me of Hayley Reinhart (S10) and Elise Testone (S11). 6

Quentin Alexander, Riptide – I love this song. His take is a little jarring, not sure if I like that. Maybe because there’s so much going on in his interpretation for this simple song. I don’t know. 6

Maddie Walker, Don’t Ya – I like her voice. She sounds decent and generic here though. 6.5

Trevor Douglas, Skinny Love – Cool. Pleasant. Confident! I love this dude. I hope he goes far in the competition. He has this slickness and confidence in him that isn’t offending but you just end up rooting for him. Plus, he sounds really good. 7.5

Jax, Let It Be – With her tone alone, she has the ability to sound original all the time. It was sweet but a little over the top. And it is something Jax needs to work on: Not to overwrought her performances with adlibs and runs and unnecessary key changes. 7

Michael Simeon, Try – You know what, Michael has all the makings of being a popular pop star after this: He is good looking, has a really decent voice and marketable. This is pretty nice albeit safe. 7

Nick Fradiani, Avalon – I love this guy. I like his tone. His confidence. And he is charismatic. He reminds me of Ben Haenow (X Factor UK 11), though his tone is less grittier. But still lovely! 7.5

Clark Beckham, Try A Little Tenderness – This guy is full of soul. The way he just let loose on his performance created a dimensional magic. I absolutely adore this. Really good! 8

Mark Andrew, Skinny Love – Messed up lyrics. Oops. But I must say, Mark sounded really good here. I’m surprised. He was way better here than during his The Voice stint. 7

Joey Cook, Across The Universe – Joey is interesting. Her tone is something you will always take a second look. It is like the past and the present met halfway and I like it. Her performance felt a little dragging and sleepy though. 7

Note: Some of those who made it were in a montage that it will be unfair for them to critic for a 20 seconds of air time for their performance.


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