The Voice Philippines 2: Live Shows – Top 12 (Part 1)


Horrible elimination process. Underwhelming performances with some stepping up tonight. I swear I can’t really wrap up myself around the idea that these teams are like scavenging each other just to be the last person standing in their team. That is just utterly ridiculous. We already bid goodbye to some of the best singers and we are left with mediocre ones and it is not funny. They should really change the elimination process or else we might end up having a finals of pure mediocre performers.

Nonetheless, tonight… Team APL and Bamboo takes the stage with the results coming up immediately at the end of the night. 1 will be public’s vote and the other one is the coach’s choice. There’s so much power that lies in the hands of the coaches no? Ha.

Anyway, here’s how I thought tonight went.



[3] Rence Rapanot
Kamusta Na

– Whyyyyyyyy. I still can’t get it! Not to mention, his verses are really muddled and everything is just lackluster and boring. 3

[2] Rita Martinez

– Decent but shrill. There are parts where her vocals were really shaky. Her phrasing is a little messy too. Nonetheless, there’s a gorgeous quality on her delivery that I like. 5

[1] Tanya Diaz
Because Of You

– I am not sure if the arrangement is pitched too low for her or she took the song way too high but the beginning is really uneven. Not until she reached the chorus where everything came together and her vocals were soaring. There’s a part of me though that thinks she isn’t that sure about the song choice because she seems to be just throwing her notes up in the air not minding if she is really hits them on point. Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous effort still. 6

Rence Rapanot (Public’s Vote)
Rita Martinez (Bamboo’s Choice)
Tanya Diaz (Eliminated)

* * *


[3] Alisah Bonaobra
Let It Go

– There’s an easyness on her delivery of this popular (and tired, yes I’m tired of this song already) song choice. She may have little flaws like her intonation and enunciation but I like how there are dynamics here. When her vocals were soaring, it wasn’t painful to listen. But then, it is so boring and felt like an impressive karaoke version. 4

[2] Daryl Ong
Rolling In The Deep

– Covered multiple times already, I was expecting for a trainwreck here. I mean, do we need another cover or arrangement? Haha. His delivery is almost, if not, flawed. His tone is messy in parts. There is so much going on in here. I mean, he started slow, turned it up a little then doing a full time R&B version then suddenly there were “Chasing Pavements” inflections. The arrangement is awful for my liking. 4.5

[1] Mackie Cao

– Mackie is a show off no? Yes we get it Mackie, you can belt these notes higher than the eagle can fly. But here’s the thing in this performance. It was surprisingly strong and entertaining albeit overwrought in high notes, there is confidence in her delivery that oozing with passion and presence. Her vocals were technically impeccable and if only she dial it down a little, this would be a total home run. 8

Alisah Bonaobra (Public’s Vote)
Daryl Ong (Apl’s Choice)
Mackie Cao (Eliminated)


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