The Voice Philippines 2: Live Shows -Top 12 (Part 2)

TVPh - Top 12

Last night’s show was iffy and underwhelming but tonight both Lea and Sarah did the right call. I mean, that’s the reason why the coaches are given that much power right? So that the deserving ones will get another chance to move forward just in case the public will not rally behind them.

Tonight, Team Sarah still dominates the whole competition in terms of performances and well Lea still uses those tired, outdated song choices that I wonder if she has seen the current music book.

Nonetheless, this is way better than last night but I am still waiting for those “moments”. In season 1 Morissette Amon shines when she performed “Jar of hearts” while on The Voice Kids Ph, Darren Espanto wowed us with his rendition of “Ngayon”.

And Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga…… Really?



[3] Kokoi Baldo
Message In A Bottle

– It’s a problem for me since before. There is no growth in Kokoi to be honest. Sure it was still energetic, fun and feel good but it is still the same kind of performance we’ve seen from him since his Blinds. And I think even Sarah is finding it hard to look for the best reggae song for him. Why can’t he sing Redemption Song? That would be a total game changer. This was not bad but it is already predictable. 5

[2] Jason Dy
Kahit Kailan

– His vocal choices were outstanding. That falsetto part, missed a bit but he still pulled it off. His gorgeous tone created an undeniably warmth feeling and the overall projection of his performance is smooth, lovely and nuanced beautifully. 7.5

[1] Monique Lualhati

– Monique showed variety and that is what I like about her. She did uptempo last week, slow downed Taylor Swift two weeks ago, and this week she belted out this Mariah Carey hit. This is a risk because you need a solid vocal chops to pull something like this but Monique managed to give us a performance full of ease and power. Her vocal dynamics were fantastic too. 8

Jason Dy (Public’s Vote)
Monique Lualhati (Sarah’s Choice)
Kokoi Baldo (Eliminated)

* * *


[3] Nino Alejandro
I Want To Know What Love Is

– His vocals were shaky. When he reached those high registers, it felt uncomfortable and wobbly. The vocals were too stretched. This is yet again another karaoke performance. 4

[2] Leah Patricio
Because You Loved Me

– This is turning out to be very predictable already and Leah is more capable of that. She needs to take risk and surprise people of how great of a singer she is. Technically, Leah is up there. But from the performance itself, and the continuous nod to diva songs? This is already tiring, boring and blah. 4.5

[1] Timmy Pavino
Story Of My Life

– Finally. A current song from this team. Look, on paper, this is perfect. It will definitely capture Timmy’s lovely voice but his lazy vocal stylings and that moment when he overwrought those high notes? It felt uneasy. His vocals also suffered when he tried to hit those high notes. 5.5

Timmy Pavino (Public’s Vote)
Leah Patricio (Lea’s Choice)
Nino Alejandro (Eliminated)


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