American Idol XIV: Showcase – Part 1 (Top 24 Revealed)


Tonight and tomorrow night, we will see some (I hope all) performances that the contestants did at the House of Blues and we will eventually see, one by one, the results if they made it to the Top 24.

Will we have surprising cuts or shocking decisions from Jennifer, Harry and Keith? Nonetheless, it’s an interesting night for me and I do hope we see some good stuff here.

Note: I’ll just recap those who made it to the Top 24.

Here you go..

1. Michael Simeon

– He begins it slowed down which sounds so beautiful. But once the band hit, I’ve lost the tempo a bit. But then he raps which made it more interesting. This is all in all a decent effort.

2. Loren Lott
My Heart Will Go On

– Her pitch as a bit all over the place especially when she tried to overwrought her verses with those high notes. This was her weakest performance for me.

3. Adam Ezegelian
Here I Go Again

– I thought it was okay but I am actually missing that grit and angst in this performance. Yes, his vocals were decent but it wasn’t spectacular.” especially with this kind of song.

4. Lovey James

– There’s confidence on her delivery that is laudable. Her vocals were mostly on point albeit being breathy. This is a nice performance to be honest.

5. Adanna Duru
It’s A Man’s Man’s World

– Adanna pulled this one off with flying colors. There’s soul and power in her delivery that I never really expect to like.

6. Maddie Walker
Big Girls Don’t Cry/Red High Heels

– I find the situation for this girl quite unfair especially when a last minute sing-off against Rachael Hallack. I mean, she was basically eliminated already. Ugh. Her first song sounded really bad while her sing-off performance is decent.

7. Clark Beckham
Georgia On My Mind

– Clark was fantastic! His delivery is simply soulful. It was a stellar performance from him especially when he got lost to the whole moment and just let go and everything just felt natural and phenomenal.

8. Daniel Seavey
Straight Up

– Wow. Daniel is slowly growing in this competition. Weeks ago, I was gutted he got the golden ticket just because I thought he was too young to be ready here. But then he is proving his worth. His showcase performance sounded really nice. He has some confidence going on in there and his tone is actually solid.

9. Tyanna Jones
Love On Top

– Let’s be real, “Love on top” is a difficult song to sing but somehow Tyanna made it sound so easy. Her vocals weren’t perfect but there’s so much comfort on her performance that is simply remarkable.

10. Rayvon Owen
Lay Me Down

– Wow! He sounds really good! It was so short but there’s so much smooth quality in his delivery that I love.

11. Shannon Berthiaume
Piece Of Mine

– She reminds me of Bria Kelly (The Voice US 6) and her grit is to grating sometimes. I wish she could tone it down a bit sometimes so she could have dynamics on her performance. But this is still pretty decent.

12. Jax
You & I

– That middle pause was off putting but the overall performance sounded decent. Jax is like Jena Irene. She is interesting, current and a potential pop superstar. I just noticed that the edits on every episode in the recent ones, it seems that Jax was poised to go further no? Haha. She has been getting the best edit so far.


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