The Voice Philippines 2: Live Shows – Top 8


This is not The VOICE…. it’s The Barangay Live!

This turns out to be a frustrating episode for me. It’s like watching barangay singing competition broadcast on national television. Not that the barangay competitions are bad, but I’ve always believe that these artists are joining such popular reality singing show to use it as a platform to level up their career as singers, more so as performers.

But with horrible song choices each and every week, the public relying more on backstory than talent and the coaches sugar coating each performances instead of giving them constructive criticisms, I wonder what will happen to them post-The Voice.

Plus, it is such a terrible elimination process, I can’t blame Sarah for crying last week.

Nonetheless, here is what I thought the semi-finalists did tonight..


[2] Monique Lualhati

– Monique once again showed that she is a capable and dependable vocalist. Her voice soared in this track with so much confidence and her stage presence is simply impeccable. Though, I am not sure if this can pull an upset over Jason Dy but then she proved to be popular in public votes in the past weeks except last week. So this will be interesting. Both deserved to go to the finals tbh. 7

[1] Jason Dy
Back At One

– You know what really works with Jason? His vocal choices were actually incredible. He just knows how to use them and when to use them. Here, he created a different and texture on a Brian McKnight one hit wonder. It was sweet, pleasant albeit sleepy in parts but he manage to create that build up that successfully gave us a soaring third act. 7

Jason Dy

* * *

[2] Alisah Banaobra
Lipad Ng Pangarap

– Predictable. Old fashioned. I just didn’t care after she performed. Sorry. 4

[1] Daryl Ong
Take Me Out Of The Dark

– Fantastic vocals. Great phrasing. Daryl is a strong vocalist especially with these kind of songs. His voice dominantly taking over the track but it is not too overpowering that he is becomes shouty, but he just knows how to maneuver over his performance to make it sound easy, pleasant yet powerful. 8

Alisah Bonaobra

* * *

[2] Rence Rapanot
Ikaw At Ako

– I’m lost for words… and it’s not even for the common good. 2

[1] Rita Martinez

– My problem with Rita is that her vocal support is really weak. And that makes her performances realky underwhelming. Not to mention, she usually is off key and her nerves seems to be her greatest enemy. Nonetheless, she really has some lovely low register no? 6

Rence Rapanot

* * *

[2] Timmy Pavino
Ikaw Lamang

– Timmy has a nice voice and good looks to back it up so I am not surprised if he is really getting some public votes. But there is something lazy in his every delivery that I can’t really take. It makes his performances sleepy and boring. Not that he needs to do uptempo just not to be boring but his vocal choices were mostly dragging and when he is reaching those glory notes, it is very affected. This is yet again a decent but not even memorable performance from him. 5

[1] Leah Patricio
Ikaw Lamang Ang Mamahalin

– And when all else fails, go to your go-to-song. And this is very.. very.. very predictable already. Another diva song and she sang it really well but I just didn’t care at all. I mean, I wasn’t even excited. But then she sounds technically incredible. 6

Timmy Pavino

* * *

FINAL THOUGHTS: My predictions were usually based on a week by week results. If I had to choose prior to this week, per team I would like Tanya Diaz (Team Bamboo), Jason Fernandez (Team Sarah), Leah Patricio (Team Lea) and Daryl Ong (Team Apl) to compete for the finals. If it is per artist basis, I would say Jason Dy, Jason Fernandez, Monique Lualhati (all from Team Sarah) and Daryl Ong (of Team Apl) deserves to be in the finals. Nonetheless, the public votes are seem to be so locked already with the underdog and backstories that is why I am not going to be surprised if Rence Rapanot (Team Bamboo) and Alisah Bonaobra (Team Apl) will represent their respective teams. It is now very tricky for both Sarah and Lea’s team because both Monique and Leah were saved by the public in the early weeks of live shows byt somehow last week, the public ought to save Jason Dy and Timmy Pavino. So this will be an interesting night for both coaches.


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