The Voice UK 4: Blind Auditions (Part 2)

The Voice UK 4 - Blind Auditions

Up next is: RITA ORA

Yup, Rita Ora joins this season of The Voice UK as she replaced 1 time coach, Kylie Minogue who decided to pass for her to focus on her concert tour. People might raise eye brows with this decision but I think Rita is just so popular in British music that she is a decent replacement. And she recently is part on the blockbuster hit, Fifty Shades of Grey and she is the singer behind the Oscar nominated song “Grateful”.

Now who joins her in her 12 man team. Let’s all find out.


1. Ryan Green

– This is a vast improvement from his auditions last year. He found the right song that suited his smooth voice. His tone is really lovely. Yes, his vocals cracked in his verses but I guess that was mostly his nerves. 7

2. Clark Carmody
I’m not the only one

– His falsettos were mostly sharp and the liberties he took with song sound off. I don’t know, I feel like the performance was half-hazzard. 4

3. Joe Woolford

– His tone is nice. But his vocals were really affected. 4.5

4. Liss Jones
Dark horse

– The first part sounded nice. The second part is shaky. But the last verse, sold me. I mean, when Liss lets go and just let it all out, it was really powerful and solid. 7

5. The Mac Bros
Bohemian Rhapsody/Johnny B. Goode/Oh My God

– And I can’t believe they only got one chair. Seriously, they sounded really good. Their harmonies were tight and this is probably the most entertaining audition to date. 8

6. Morven Brown

– Her enunciation needed work. She sounds like her vocals were too muddled. 5

7. Dtwinz
Shy guy

– While their vocals were uneven and in parts they sounded like the original, this is pretty decent. Their harmonies needed work but this is fine. 6.5

8. Olivia Lawson
Smells like teen spirit

– Her tone seems to be casually normal already since there are lot of people with this kind of tone. To be honest though, this is pretty strong. The haunting quality matched the arrangement and her vocals were mostly on point. 8

9. Karis Thomas
Right to be wrong

– Rich tone, Karis just needed to work on her vocal control. She needs to explore her dynamics well because this felt more like a performance in plateau. 6

10. NK
Me & my broken heart

– Despite some shaky start, his vocals were soaring during that part but once the band hit, I feel he lost some of the tempo and the rhythm. 6

11. Vanessa Hunt
Sunshine of your life

– Decent but generic. 6

12. Mitch Miller

– This is a little polarizing for me. The idea of doing Iggy’s “Fancy” in a big band arrangement is tricky. I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it as well. I am not sure. 6


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