American Idol XIV: Top 24 (Part 2)

Last night the guys gave underwhelming to good performances, with a couple of 1-2 standouts. Tonight, it is the girls turn to charm America and battle it out for that spot in Top 16. Again, 4 girls will be eliminated (same as the boys), so I think this will be a very tight battle.

My early favorites are: Jax, Tyanna Jones, Sarina Joi-Crowe and Katherine Winston. I hope they do well tonight.

Now let us rank the top 12.

12. Shannon Berthiaume
Who Knew

– Aside from the fact that she had pitch problems, her verses were muddled that I don’t know if she got drowned by the band or she forgot her lyrics or she missed her timing. But this was painful. 3

11. Loren Lott
Note To God

– Her vocals were uneven in places. The high register was overwrought, almost feel like she was showboating. She was so disconnected with the track and her low register is really off pitch. 3.5

10. Alexis Gomez
Gunpowder & Lead

– Too karaoke for me. Sorry. 4

9. Shi Scott

– The dark quality in the performance actually worked for me as it created a different texture from the usual versions we’ve heard before but Shi is really a struggling vocalist no? Her vocals were mostly uneven and flat. The first part was okay. The second part, I thought sounded decent. 4.5

8. Katherine Winston
Safe & Sound

– Safe. Lifeless. Shaky vocals. Ugh. 4.5

7. Lovey James
Love Runs Out

– The first half is muddles and pitch too low for her. The second half sounded really nice and I’m glad she recover from an unpleasant first half. 5

6. Adanna Duru
Rather Be

– A mid-tempo, almost slowed down version of this dance tune is risky and I thought the first half sounded really beautiful. Those quiet moments were gorgeous. But when the band hits in and she started taking on those high register, she just started screaming at us. 6

5. Joey Cook
Someone Like You

– It was a polarizing performance. The giggle in between is weird for me. Not her best vocals but she showed quirkiness and originality in here. This is decent. 6

4. Maddie Walker
Love Gets Me Everytime

– Surprisingly, her vocals were consistently on point. This is decent but not memorable at all. I may have enjoyed it now but I am not sure if I could recall this at all comes midnight. 6.5

3. Tyanna Jones
Lips Are Movin’

– Not as good as last week. This sound really current and now and Tyanna is milking on that vibe that she has. Her vocals were okay but I feel that this was really safe for her. 7

2. Jax
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

– First half was impressive. Her vocals were mostly front and center. It was a too theatrical for me but she really knows how to play the game. 7.5

1. Sarina Joi-Crowe
Mamma Knows Best

– 2 Jessie J songs in a row? She must really love her no? Vocally this was technically great. I mean, no doubt. Her vocal control was fantastic. Her dynamics were on point. This was really good. 8


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