The Voice UK 4: Blind Auditions (Part 3)

The Voice UK 4 - Blind Auditions

The third part of our coverage will focus to icon: Sir Tom Jones

I am not sure if Tom’s range of song choices has helped his artists in the past but he definitely scored a technical singer last season in the name of, Sarah Barker. They went far, reaching the finals and placing 3rd during that season. Tom usually is under the radar but his artists are either in the middle of the pack or struggling to be current. Nonetheless, I am hopeful for Tom’s team this season.


1. Howard Rose
My Generation

– This is.. weird. Haha. I am not really if his guitar playing is off key or the timing is messed up. This just didn’t work with me and his falsettos sounded screechy. 4

2. Sasha Simone

– The transition between two songs sounded pretty nice. Her first half is better than the second with some shaky parts. This is decent. 6

3. Stephanie Webber
Mama’s Broken Heart

– She’s comfortable up stage but she sounds really generic. 5

4. Daniel Duke
I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

– Last minute turns? Haha. I’ve heard a lot of versions of this song already and the most recent one is from Jay James (X Factor UK 11). This is too sleepy for me. I mean, maybe it is the quality of his tone that keeps me off guard and a bit boring. 4

5. Kim Alvord
Scream (Funk My Life Up)

– Her verses were mostly uneven and her high register needed more power for her to reach it out. 5

6. Rosa Iamele
White Noise

– She started really well. I like how she managed to keep the track simple. And the build up sounded gorgeous but I wish the high register was stronger and her vocal support was a bit shaky. 7

7. Sharon Murphy
Forever Young

– Too outdated. Sharp. Flat. 4

8. Cai Williams
License To kill

– Eh? 3

9. Claudia Rose
Love You I Do

– Claudia lacks spunk and swag when she did this Jennifer Hudson song but she sure has some power vocals to keep it up. She just needs to work on her dynamics and to keep the performance more interesting because this felt decent but people won’t care long enough. 6.5

10. Lara Lee
There Are Worse Things I Could Do

– Lara is technical singer. This is drcent but not memorable. 6

11. Roisin Geraghty-McDonagh
Coat Of Many Colors

– Again, too generic! 5

12. Lisa Ward

– Her vocals were a little uneven in parts but then she probably is one of Tom’s strongest vocalist. 6.5


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