The Voice Philippines 2: Finale (Part 1)

Tonight is part 1 of the finale night of The Voice Philippines Season 2. If I’ll be very honest, last season’s set of finalists were way better than this season. Even in the semi-finals, it was actually a close call last season with Klarisse De Guzman, Morissette Amon, Paolo Onessa, Myk Perez, Thor and Radha giving quality performances. This season is a let down. The good ones were booted early, the coaches had so much power in them, the elimination process is stupid and we have Luis Manzano. Haha.

Anyway, for the first part of the finale night, each artists will perform twice: one is with a celebrity (singer) duet and the other one is their solo performances. Let’s see how the night went.

DUETS (w/ guest celebrity)

[4] Rence Rapanot (w/ Joey Ayala & Bayang Barrios)
Karaniwang Tao

– Is it wrong that I cared more with Joey and Bayang than Rence himself? This is just… bad. 3

[3] Alisah Bonaobra (w/ Dulce)
Ako Ang Nagwagi
Team APL

– Dulce! But this feels more like a Barangay singing showcase. Sorry. 4

[2] Leah Patricio (w/ Jed Madela)

Team LEA

– While they both sounded pretty nice here, I feel like Leah held back that it feels more like Jed is owning the duet. But then, technically they sounded really fantastic. 7

[1] Jason Dy (w/ Charice)
Wrecking Ball


– The give and take between the two is impeccable. They both sound really nice here with Charice having more effortless and ease in her delivery. Not that Jason was bad, no, he was actually good but you just can’t help but appreciate the fact that Charice unintentionally owned this performance. 7.5

* * *

[4] Rence Rapanot
Estudyante Blues


– Remind me again why is he even here? 2

[3] Jason Dy
With You


– Remember his performance of “OMG”? That’s a train wreck right? I just don’t think people appreciates him in this kind of performance, especially in this stage of the competition. Sure, there are parts where he sounds really good but most parts felt like the timing is off and the whole thing is forced to him. This was okay. Okay?! 6

[2] Leah Patricio

Team LEA

– I feel like the chosen verses and the arrangement didn’t quite work because the build up got lost in the middle and the timing was obviously got messed up somewhere in the verses. Good thing though, who knew Leah is capable of doing something current and pop no? 6.5

[1] Alisah Bonaobra
Love On Top

Team APL

– Yes I ranked her first in this round because I thought current songs really works for her. And even if her performance is verging more on screaming of notes, she still managed to pull those high notes quite well. Maybe if she had more dynamics in here, this would work better. 7


9 thoughts on “The Voice Philippines 2: Finale (Part 1)

  1. The Leah/Jed duet was really good until the pilit lumaloveteam paeffect sa dulo. Maybe the reason why you liked the Jason/Charice duet more was because it was more of a battle so may intensity siya and all. Although I also liked he Wrecking Ball duet, I thought the Muli duet was a better delivery.

    Dulce and Bayang Barrios FTW! Hindi ko magustuhan si Rence. I like the whole idea… folk type singer na gusto puro OPM. Pero kulang sa skills IMO. Like an even lesser version of Darryl Shy (sp?) from season1. I also do not understand bakit mga oldie songs pinapakanta kay Alisah sa both Finale nights. I thought she was best wih her versions of Love On Top, Laserlight and Let It Go (too obvious a choice but still “current” when compared to her other songs).

    I dont know what Chris Brown/Usher song ang dapat bang nabigay kag Jason Dy pero yung With You nya and the OMG song a few weeks back were meh performances when it could’ve been wow.

    Also had issues with how inedit ung Titanium ni Leah. She was obviously the most technically gifted sa finalists. Which is why I she didnt win. May nanalo na ba sa mga ganito na pinaka technically gifted? She also had heart. Pero maybe not enough. She could’ve also duet-ed with Dulce…but then again lalamunin lang din siya ni Dulce. Damn girl.

    #Nobela hahaha.


    • Agree with your Jason Dy comment. Diba it is expected that he will do good but then it made me think na yung spectrum of genre niya is ballad lang.

      Agree with your Alisah comments too. Tapos yung styling pa niya pang old fashioned no? So I feel like we’re watching a 40 year woman na this is her last shot for a recording deal kaya ganun.

      Never really feel Rence. I mean, it begs the question: “Why is he even there over, let’s say, Tanya Diaz?” Haha. I guess Bamboo really has some poor decision making when it comes to the voice! Haha.

      I’ll rewatch every performances again for my wrap up post. Baka that time machange ang mind ko regarding the Jed-Leah duet. Haha.

      Speaking of Leah, it sucks no na in the finale lang binigyan ni Lea si Leah ng current songs. I mean, the bigger market sana makukuha niya if sa simula palang pinrove ni Lea na Leah can be a contemporary artist despite her age. Diba? Titanium (minus the horrible song edit ng verses and all) then yung if i were a boy/you oughta know was really good.


  2. Kakapanuod ko nga lang nung If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know duet. Damn. Best performance from both finale nights IMO. It was also great seeing Coach Lea singing grittier type of songs and yet ang linaw linaw pa rin ng lyrics. Hahaha. I love it!


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