The Voice Philippines 2: Finale (Part 2)

TVPh - Finale

Part 2 of last night’s finale. Tonight, the finalists will sing one more solo and a duet with their coach. After that, results will be announced where two artists are going to be eliminated and the final two will battle it out for the last time with another solo performance to determine who will be crowned as this season’s The Voice of the Philippines champion.

How did the finalists do? Let’s see..


[4] Rence Rapanot
Tayo’y Mga Pinoy

– I like what Rence and Bamboo was trying to do here. They are basically targetting the OPM enthusiasts but here’s my thing, Rence is just a weak vocalist and his vocals were sounding more likely in monotone. Sure this may be his best performance to date but I just don’t think that Rence is really a viable recording artist. 5

[3] Alisah Bonaobra
Go The Distance
Team APL

– While this doesn’t really give us something new from Alisah, her vocals here were mostly on point. Sometimes, the overwrought high notes felt more like showboating, she still manage to keep them on pitch. 6

[2] Jason Dy
Angels Brought Me Here

– Just beautiful. I love it when Jason sings in his quiet moments. His vocal choices were fantastic and his vocals were mostly spot on. 7

[1] Leah Patricio
Run To You
Team LEA

– Sure, the song choice is a tired, predictable and yet another ballad but there is something magical in this performance that I personally adore. Her soft, tender parts sounded really gorgeous. Her phrasing was great and her nuanced is just lovely. And those high parts? Fantastic! 8

* * *
DUETS (w/ Coaches)

[4] Rence Rapanot (w/ Bamboo)
Hinahanap-Hanap Kita

– Decent but forgettable. It’s unfortunate that Bamboo had the weakest artist in this stage of competition no? 4

[3] Alisah Bonaobra (w/ APL)
Hero/You Can Do Anything
Team APL

– Why do I find this performance a mess? I just didn’t think this really worked. 4.5

[2] Jason Dy (w/ Sarah Geronimo)
If I Ain’t Got You

– I love how Sarah would give way for Jason to shine in this performance but there is something compelling in this duet that worked well. I don’t think it was the perfect song for them to duet and the song is already a tired choice but I digress. 7

[1] Leah Patricio (w/ Lea Salonga)
If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know
Team LEA

– This worked. A little awkward in the transition of the mash-up but this worked pretty well as the performance went on. The vocals were spot on and the harmonies sounded nice too. 8.5

Rence Rapanot (Eliminated)
Leah Patricio (Eliminated)

* * *

[2] Alisah Bonaobra
All By Myself
Team APL

– No doubt she can sing those glory notes like she’s just eating a piece of candy but the whole thing was just old fashioned, too overwrought and it just left me cold after the performance. Sorry. 5

[1] Jason Dy
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

– Safe. Decent. This is not a winning performance at all but between the two, I’d rather listen to this more because Jason was able to show dynamics, his phrasing was nice and his vocal choices were pretty gorgeous. 7

Alisah Bonaobra (Runner-Up)
JASON DY!!! (Winner)


4 thoughts on “The Voice Philippines 2: Finale (Part 2)

  1. I really thought it’ll be a battle between Jason and Leah. Gustong gusto ko ung Run to You eh at ang ganda ng pagkakanta nya. Angels brought me here was meh at mejo nakabawi sa If I Ain’t Got You. Juice colored. Sinigawan sya ni Alisah sa final round sa pamamagitan ng All By Myself pero nanaig ang espiritu ni Ariel Rivera. Hahaha.. Ano ba tong mga pinagsasasabi ko bee? Hahaha.. Congrats Jason Dy!!!


    • I know right.. ganda nung run to you eh. Buti na lang bee di sila ang nagkalaban kundi sobrang ibebenta ni Lea Salonga si Leah nun, lagot si Jason. Anyway, kelangan sigawan ni Aliyah si Jason bee baka sakaling matalot daw kaso mininsan lang ni Jason eh. Hahaha


  2. Di ko pa napapanuod yung ibang coahc duets So reserving my comment.

    As much as I loved Run To You, I kinda wished Leah sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go. I mean, dun na rin lang siya sa mga lumang ballad, e di why not that song bilang ponaguusapan naman yan these days cause of the movie That Thing Called Tadhana. That could’ve gotten her at least a few more votes. Hehe.


    • The leah-lea duet is really good!

      That’s a good idea although I think ang strategy ni Lea why she gave her Run to you is yung play on dynamics.. yung quiet moments which was really beautiful tapos may high notes build up then magtatapos ng quiet ulit. Haha.

      Oh well pero natawa ako kay Lea when Alisah was announced as part of Final 2. Lol. She’s very…. real! :)))


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