The Voice Philippines 2: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)

35 Episodes. 6 Weeks of Live Shows. 56 Artists. 4 Coaches. 1 Annoying Luis Manazano. Too much Gonazaga Sisters. And The Lea Salonga. How can someone I adore so much be that irritating in a reality singing competition?

The second season of this franchise started with a lot of promise. Coming off from the first season where there are tons of talent that shine, the second season’s Blind Auditions didn’t disappoint as it gave us a glimpse of what is supposed to be an exciting season.

But then the show failed because of its flawed format – seriously, why would you let team members battle each other during the live shows? I mean, they should’ve just let the public decide who should be in the finals and completely eliminate the two least vote getters every week instead of doing the Public Votes-Coach’s Choice style. The Coaches had so much power. It’s frustrating. And there are numbers of artists in a certain team that deserved to be in the finals.

Nonetheless, even if the show has some format flaws, we are still catered by some fantastic performances all through the season.

So this is (for me) the TOP 20 PERFORMANCES of The Voice Philippines Season 2.

20. Drive
Jem Cubil

-Jem has the looks of a superstar. He is easily the most marketable artist that made it pass the Blind Auditions. Given the right material, he could surprise us. While his Blinds is tad underwhelming, his Battles was shaky, his Knockouts performance is undeniably his strongest. The vocals were decent. The stage presence is strong and he was in his most comfortable during the entire performance. Watch it here.

19. Ang Huling El Bimbo
Jason Fernandez
Blind Auditions

– It was a competent vocal performance. Bamboo was right, he sang the song right in the way it was supposed to be sang. But one thing that made this a strong audition? He made it sound really current for a classic OPM track. Watch it here.

18. Jar Of Hearts
Jason Dy

– While this wasn’t as good as the original nor as strong as what Morissette Amon did during the first season, Jason sounded quite well. His vocals were beautiful and despite some overdone runs, this was still a lovely performance. Watch it here.

17. You Are My Song
Timmy Pavino
Blind Auditions

– Timmy is boring and bland all throughout the season. He is a predictable balladeer who belts out the highest notes when he think it is what is needed to move forward. BUT. Yes that’s a big but – no pun intended – his audition piece is probably one of the strongest one out of the bunch. It was delicate, vocally solid and deliberate. His vocal choice were not perfect but good. Watch it here.

16. I Knew You Were Trouble
Monique Lualhati

– Who would’ve thought that this franchsie is capable of doing something as bold as this? I mean, we all know that the contestants would usually do karaoke versions or competent covers but for Monique to rearrange a current track and deliver a lovely interpretation? That is really commendable. Of course, some of his vocal choices were missed but again, props for her in making something her own. Watch it here.

15. Hanggang
Jason Fernandez
Live Shows 1

– Jason came on to this competition with a clear picture of what kind of artist he wants to be – rock! But when his coach gave him a challenge, he took it with flying colors. Who knew Jason could sing a ballad like this? His vocals were strong. His performance is solid. His tone is really beautiful! Watch it here.

14. Natural Woman
Tanya Diaz
Live Shows 2

– Goodness gracious, I never knew Tanya is capable of doing something like this. The girl has been screaming her lungs out from her Blinds up to the first Live Shows performance. But she dialed it down beautifully. The imperfections made it more compelling and this is the most of her being connected to her material. Great job! Watch it here.

13. Kamusta, Mga Kaibigan
Bradley Holmes

– Bradley is a born performer. He is just oozing with so much confidence that is not even cocky at all. Not to mention, he sings his songs spot on. Of course, one would argue it was a competent karaoke version but for me the way he navigated the verses is really fluid and his vocals were on fleek! Watch it here.

12. Maging Sino Ka Man
Monique Lualhati
Live Shows 1

– The way Monique carressed the verses of the song sounded like butter melting. It was sublime, lovely and delicious. And when she reached for that climactic belt, she soared as if the song was written with her in the mind. Beautiful! Watch it here.

11. You Give Love A Bad Name
Bradley Holmes
Live Shows 2

– Great stage presence. Fantastic vocals. He commanded the stage pretty well. I am livid that his coach chose the other artist instead of him. He was robbed! Watch it here.

10. Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin
Leah Patricio

– Leah is a very technical singer and it shows. And even if I hate all the overdone, old fashioned song choices for her, I can’t deny the fact that she nailed this song like she never really want to look back. The dynamics were gorgeous. The vocal choices were sublime. This is an absolute strong performance. Watch it here.

9. Tadhana
Daniel Ombao
Blind Auditions

– There’s something haunting in Daniel’s voice that perfectly suits UDD’s biggest hit. The imperfections in his delivery provided a compelling quality that made the audition gorgeous, sublime and lovely. Watch it here.

8. Stay With Me
Jason Dy
Blind Auditions

– With the hype surrounding this audition, Jason’s win is already written in the stars of the season. I mean, even if he doesn’t win, he already got the biggest advantage public hype. But that is not just a hype for me, he actually delivered a beautiful version of this current Sam Smith hit. There are overdone runs but I digress. It was a competent vocal performance. Watch it here.

7. Push
Jason Fernandez

– Again, this was a competent vocal performance from Jason. He is actually a polished one. He knows his range. His vocal choices sounded pleasant and the overall performance is simply gorgeous. Not to mention, we rarely hear a Matchbox 20 song being sang in these reality singing competitions no? Watch it here.

6. Sirena
Mackie Cao
Live Shows 4

– Prior to this, Mackie is an annoying, over the top diva who belts out the highest of the highest notes that felt more like a show off but she won me over when she displayed a variety of range, stage presence and confidence while managing to give us a bombast, colorful and beautiful delivery of this Gloc 9 hit. It was an absolute fantastic display of technicals! Great stuff. Watch it here.

5. Thinking Out Loud
Jason Dy
Live Shows 2

– Jason Dy has a restraint that is undeniably charming. His dynamics were gorgeous. His vocals were impeccable and the idea that the performance was simple allows Jason’s voice to be front and center. Watch it here.

4. Butterfly
Monique Lualhati
Live Shows 4

– We all should know by now that to sing a Mariah Carey song would be a challenge and “Butterfly” is probably one of her hardest track to sing. It is a complicated force of nature that needed so much precision and deliberate vocal choices but somehow Monique was able to run around the verses with so much ease and when she hits the chorus, she soared beautifully! Watch it here.

3. Bilog Na Naman Ang Buwan
Kokoi Baldo

– Fun, entertaing and undeniably a strong, solid showing from Kokoi. Yes he is a one-trick pony who only want to sing in his reggae genre but he made out of what he knows best and deliver a water cooler performance with so much passion, joy and gorgeousness. Watch it here.

2. Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo
Shairah Cervancia & Tanya Diaz

– While sure the over the top screaming in towards the end is really too much, the performance itself is intense, raw and passionate. The hoarsed quality on both artists’ vocals added texture and color to the performance that made it more compelling! What a battle! Watch it here.

1. Take Me Out Of The Dark
Daryl Ong
Live Shows 5

– Dary Ong is probably one of the most consistent vocalist in the competition and while some of those performance quite bore me to death, I still think his body of work deserved a finals spot. But he didn’t. Eh. Nonetheless, I would still rank his performance of “Take me out of the dark” as the best of the season because of three things: Great nuanced vocals, fantastic phrasing and amazing quiet but powerful delivery. Good job! Watch it here.


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