The Voice US 8: Blind Auditions (4)

The Voice US 8 - Blind Auditions

I don’t know what to come up with tonight’s episode. I feel like tonight was dud, underwhelming and lacks of strong talents. Actually, as a whole so far, season 8 hasn’t shown somebody that could be considered as an early frontrunner nor people to root for. I think I only had 1-2 people in mind so far.

Also, it was a fast paced set of episodes for blind auditions compared to the previous seasons no? Next week, the final set of blind auditions and the start of battle rounds will happen already. OMG!

Anyway, here’s how the night went.

Ashley Morgan
I Wanna Dance With Somebody

– Ashley is decent vocalist albeit karaoke in parts. Her vocals were okay but I like how she commanded the stage with presence and confidence. This was fine. 7

Koryn Hawthorne
My Kind Of Love

– She has an interesting husky tone but her phrasing is a mess. She has potential and with a great vocalist like Christina coaching her, I think she will do good. But this was a little uneven for me. 6.5

Lexi Davila
Dreaming Of You

– Lexi has an okay voice but her adlibs and runs were unnecessary for me. Her tone sounded muddled in parts and her delivery is just meh. 6

Brenna Yaeger
The House That Built Me

– Eh? Too generic for my taste. 5

Jeremy Gaynor

– While his vocals soared in parts and his pitch sounded really nice, I feel like Jeremy would eventually drown in the background once the series prosper. This was nice but I just don’t think there is something really spectacular in here. 7

Jack Gregori
Ring Of Fire

– Seriously Adam? Eh… I just can’t. 4

Briar Jonnee
Take A Bow

– Her vocals were fine but muddled. Her tone is interesting enough to pull some pop-R&B quality here. But I feel like this is just okay. 6.5

Brian Johnson
Reason To Believe

– His voice is very soulful. This was pretty solid with his vocal support is quite strong. His phrasing was nice too. 7

Corey Kent White
Chicken Fried

– I seriously liked this performance. There’s a raspy, pop country rock quality in his voice tgat I adore. His vocals were strong and his a charismatic and appealing vocalist. Probably one of my favorites this season. 8


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