American Idol XIV: Top 16 (Part 2)

Just like the guys last night, 4 girls are going to be eliminated tonight leaving us with 8 girls battling it out for that Top 6 spot for girls on this season’s Top 12.

My Predictions of who will get eliminated are: Shi Scott, Katherine Winston, Shannon Berthiaume and Loren Lott.

Did I get it right? We will all find out as the girls will tackle songs from MoTown!

8. Maddie Walker
I’ll Be There

– I won’t! Aside from the fact that it was lazily phrased and everything felt bland, it was so boring I needed to take a nap halfway. 4

7. Loren Lott
I Wanna Be Where You Are

– She was off pitch all throughout her performance. Her delivery lacked natural and genuine feelings. I find her way too practiced with her stage presence. Plus, she justs keep on pushing her vocals just to prove she can hit high notes but most of the time it actually sounds screechy and shouty. 4

6. Alexis Gomez
I Can’t Help Myself (Sugarpie Honeybunch)

– It was… weird? I don’t know what to feel about this performance but I just didn’t like it. It sounded very karaoke. It felt corny. It was just all over the place for me. 4

5. Adanna Duru

– While some parts shine, most parts didn’t. She was like Loren, they’re stage presence is too practiced. Her delivery felt too theatrical as well. Plus, some of her notes sounded sharp no and she had some breathing and phrasing issues. 4.5

4. Joey Cook
Shop Around

– I like Joey. I adore her quirkiness and authenticity but I just didn’t really feel this performance. It felt too corny, too polarizing and too stylized, I lost the essence of everything that is happening here. 5

3. Jax
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

– Liked the arrangement. I thiught it was brave for her to take the song in a different vibe but still you can sense the feeling from the song that you popularly liked. A little problem with her flat notes, here and there and but she has this command on stage that even if she doesn’t move around too much, she is oozing with an impeccable presence. 7

2. Sarina Joi-Crowe
You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

– Sure, most of the time her notes were flat and sharp but I did love the restraint Sarina displayed here. It was different from the usual vocally powerful performances she did in the past. Not her strongest but her tone is simply gorgeous. 7

1. Tyanna Jones
Rockin’ Robin

– Liked this a lot. It was pleasant, pitched nicely and phrased beautifully. She chooses her notes quite well and the over all delivery is just impressive. 7.5

Shi Scott
Katherine Winston
Shannon Berthiaume
Lovey James


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