The Voice US 8: Blind Auditions (5)

The Voice US 8 - Blind Auditions

The last set of blind auditions will happen tonight right before the start of battle rounds. Yup it is a semi-stacked night of events! Haha.

Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, all have 1 spot left before their teams will be complete while Pharrell is still waiting for his last two (2) artists.

Let’s see who were those 5 who will finally complete each teams.

Nathan Hermida
Sure Thing

– He’s 17 and from the Philippines! Haha. His tone is silky smooth and his delivery is just oozing with so much soul and confidence. This is something I personally did not expect at all. 7

Paul Pfau
Fly Me To The Moon

– Paul has this old, soulful quality to his voice that I thoughg the song choice is a perfect fit for him. His vocals were mostly on point and everything sounded easy and quality. 7

Vance Smith
Reach Out, I’ll Be There

– Vance had some phrasing and pitch issues here and there. He looked uncomfortable on stage as well and his vocals were mostly uneven. 5

Caitlin Caporale

– Caitlin seems to be very technical no? And she’s like a pro! Her vocal choices were delightful. The runs and ad-libs  were delivered rightfully. Her vocals is solid. This is nice! 7

Hannah Kirby
The Letter

– There’s something about the quality of her voice that weirded me out. I feel like she’s chewing her words and it just really sound muddled. Not really sure if I hate it but I’m definitely not that much of impressed witg if. 5


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