American Idol XIV: Top 11

It’s PARTY SONGS tonight as the top 11 will be revealed one by one. The lowest voter will still have a chance to sing her best for the judges’ saved.

In no particular order, the safe contestants are called to perform and even if some (okay one particular) songs are not entirely considered as a “Party song”, the night is uneven. Most of the front runners crashed and stumble and a little few rose to the occasion!

Who made our top 11 and how did they do tonight? Let’s all find out.

(The judges DID NOT use the save)


– –

11. Qaasim Middleton

– I just can’t jump to the Qaasim bandwagon, yet. I feel like the showmanship is dominating the singing. In here, as he tried to tone it down, the vocal flaws were clear and evident. At some point, he was mumbling his words and everything just fell all over the place. 3

10. Daniel Seavey

– At least the beginning sounded quite well and this is easily his best vocals to date. Daniel’s problem is when the vocals starts to take over, he lose control with everything. I mean, his pitch becomes really off. The notes will be flat at times, as well. 4

9. Maddie Walker
She’s Country

– Look, Maddie sounded good but after her performance, I completely forgot about her. That’s I think is one sin in reality singing competition – being too forgettable. 4.5

8. Jax
Blank Space

– It was smart for her to choose this song but I just don’t think it allows Jax to explore her vocal capability and to give her a moment. 5

7. Clark Beckham
Takin’ It To The Streets

– Vocally, Clark still sounds pretty good. But as a whole performance, this is way too safe and not that memorable. Also, for a theme that would give him the opportunity to show that he can do current as well, I wish Clark took that advantage. 6

6. Rayvon Owen

– His phrasing was muddled and the verses were way too breathy that I really feel like the performance is more of a miss than a hit. But I applaud the vocal stylings as he was able to placed them properly. Also, Rayvon really has a beautiful tone no? 6

5. Quentin Alexander
Rolling In The Deep

– Is “Rolling in the deep” a party song? Maybe if we were talking about a remix, it is. But then Quentin made a smart choice of instead doing the soulful Adele version, he did a more pop-funk style that is interesting to hear. The vocals were choppy but there is a clear potential in here that I wish Quentin delivered consistently. 6.5

4. Nick Fradiani
Wake Me Up

– The first half sounded fantastic. But the transition is way too fast and when the band hit in, the tempo is just rushed that it didn’t allow Nick’s gorgeous tone to maneuver within the tone. This is decent and probably one of the most consistent vocally, but yet again, it is safe. 7

3. Adanna Duru
Runaway Baby

– Adanna is turning out to be the biggest surprise, week by week. It seems that she is really listening to the judges’ criticisms and here she showed control. There are still pitch issues but her delivery is compelling. 7

2. Joey Cook

– I loved the Postmodern Jukebox version of this and I am happy that Joey gave the proper credits to them for the arrangement. And I must say, this suited perfectly well with Joey. of course, I wish there were more melodies in this but I digress. 7.5

1. Tyanna Jones

– Tyanna is the most consistent out of all the bunch so far and she showed finesse and progress tonight like no other. Her delivery is oozing with so much confidence but it is not cocky. Her vocals were on point and the way she worked the stage looked like she’s been doing this for a long time. 8


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