The Voice UK 4: Knockouts (#TeamTom & #TeamRicky)


Ricky’s team is a battle of falsettos while Tom’s team is shaping to be a strong contender for a title.

This episode and set of artists performed way better than last night. I mean, I enjoyed a lot of these performances despite some pitch issues here and there. Also, Ricky and Tom did have a pool of strong artists to choose from that I can’t really fault them for ending up with probably 2/3 of their team as strong contenders.

Now let us see how the night went and who the coaches chose to represent their team.


8. Sharon Murphy
Woman In Love

– The key changes sounded way off. The vocals were uneven and even the vocal transition from his natural voice to that weird sound is really uncomfortable. 4

7. Rosa Iamele
Heart Of Glass

– Wow. Why this time Rosa? I mean, the backtrack completely swallowed her and her vocal support sounded really weak. That must’ve cost her a lot as she was completely coasting with the melody rather than getting a tight hold of it. 5

6. Karl Loxley
Your Song

– This is what separates Karl from last night’s Team Will’s Lucy O’Byrne. Karl shakes it up with his song choices despite such genre. His vocals sounded really fine here. A little off pitch and sleepy, but there is a sweet quality in here that works. 6

5. Howard Rose
Proud Mary

– While the first half is okay, the second half was karaoke. But my main problem here is his words were a little muddled and he completely mumbles through his verses with some unnecessary highnotes. 6

4. Joyful Soundz

– Classic R&B singing, the female lead sounded better than the male. But what really works here is when they didn’t try to overembellish the song and stick naturally to its comfort zone. But then the pitch here is a little uneven and they sound more like dueting than two people trying out as a “group”. Get me? 6

3. Lara Lee
God Bless The Child

– Technically good but it lacks stage presence. The vocals were stunning and those glory notes just were crazy good. But yeah, it left me cold after. 7

2. Daniel Duke
Shake It Off

– Charming and pleasant, this upbeat acoustic cover works perfectly well in Daniel’s style. It is simple but appealing. The only thing that bothers me is his intonation because some words sounded a little muddled. 7.5

1. Sasha Simone
Lost & Found

– The beginning sounds a little off but once she picked up, she never really looked back. The passion and commitment in here solidify the vocal support. The vocals – as it goes by – sounded solid and strong. 7.5

Sasha Simone
Lara Lee
Howard Rose

– –

8. Hannah Symons
Drunk In Love

– OMG. This is awful. She can’t find the right pitch. Her timing was a mess. And then she decided to just wailed with her verses towards the end. 3

7. Olivia Lawson
Wicked Game

– I like Olivia’s quality of voice but I just didn’t really think the song choice worked on her advantage. The pitch is really off. Some of her verses, she’s just mumbling them in thin air. The whole thing lacks passion and commitment. 4

6. Autumn Sharif
Human Nature

– She started pretty nice but the thin quality in parts sounded really grating and painful. Her vocals were uneven and the ad-libs (falsettos) were a little shaky. 5

5. Claudia Rose
Misty Blue

– This sounded really nice. Her vocal choices were pretty great but the problem here is that it was just really boring. 6

4. Letitia George
Twist & Shout

– Unusual song choice but Letitia pulled this off really well albeit sounding really karaoke. But she picked up with her vocal choices in the second half, which I thought is the strongest part of this performance. 6.5

3. Emmanuel Nwamadi
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

– There are parts where I was wondering if this is really the right song choice for Emmanuel but then he sounded really nice. His pitch – shaky – is his best ever sound since blind auditions. 6.5

2. Stevie McCrorie
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

– I still think he has the best shot of winning this whole competition, especially now that Esmee Denters is out of the competition (No Thanks, Will.I.Am), Stevie is the sole front runner right now. His take on this song is nothing really spectacular because I’ve heard better versions of this before but it is still solid and strong. His vocals were mostly faultless. The second half sounded better than first but everything just really works. 7

1. Christina Matovu
You Gotta Be

– I absolutely adore this. Christina sounded really great and there is confidence on her delivery that is oozing with so much appeal. Her vocal choices were solid. The build up was nice and that glory note is incredible. This isn’t perfect but it worked really well. 8

Stevie McCrorie
Autumn Sharif
Emmanuel Nwamadi


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