American Idol XIV: Top 11 (Redux)

On a turn of events, I personally thought that the right person should’ve gone home but I guess something happened in the 5 senses of the judges and they thought it is in the show’s best interest to use their one and only SAVE this season.

Yup, it happened!

The 11 artists took in the challenge of movie theme songs and I must say, Jennifer Lopez sounded and looked really beautiful tonight as she performed the themesong of her new animated movie, “Home”.

So how the night went? Here it goes..

11. Daniel Seavey
Lost Stars

– Oh gawd. His pitch was all over the place. When he hit that bridge wherr his vocals required to hit those falsettos and high notes, he hits them sharp and painful. 3

10. Maddie Walker
Let’s Hear It For The Boy

– I didn’t get it at all. Her vocals were uneven. The performance felt cheap. The whole thing is an underperformed karaoke attempt. 3.5

9. Tyanna Jones
Circle Of Life

– I like Tyanna but this was just really painful. I agree with the judges, it was off pitch, the high notes she attempted to reach sounded more like screams and she looked really unsure, which is unusual from Tyanna. 4

8. Qaasim Middleton
Come Together

– Did he deserve that “Save”? Hell no. Is this a good performance? No. But he really is a showman and despite the pitch problems and vocal issues, he was able to masked it out with how intense and dedicated he was in his material. 4.5

7. Quentin Alexander
You’re The One That I Want

– I… didn’t really like this as much as the others loved it. I felt really weirded out about this. Not to mention, his vocals weren’t really that strong. So yeah, sorry but I just not feeling this at all. 5

6. Rayvon Owen
Stay Alive

– Surprisingly, I enjoyed this and here’s why: Rayvon played on his strengths pretty well here. His falsettos were mostly on point. The arrangement suited his voice but I must agree, except for that middle part, Rayvon seems to be really holding back. 6

5. Adanna Duru
Love You I Do

– Adanna did yet another decent performance and she’s having the perfect arc right now: each week she’s improving. Here her high registers were control but the lower ones were off pitch. But her confidence, stage presence and ability to really perform the song is simply impeccable. 6.5

4. Joey Cook
Mad World

– Not as good as last week, this is a little underwhelming especially with the bar she set for herself. But that is nothing to take away from Joey, she sang this quite well and yes I do admit and agree with Jennifer Lopez, she sounds like Sia here! 7

3. Nick Fradiani
Danger Zone

– Again, this was solid. His pitch is just perfect. The vocals were terrific but it was just really something that will coast him to the next round. I don’t know if it was his strategy and his keeping his cards (moments worthy performance) in the latter part of the show, but I like Nick and hope he stays in the next weeks to come. 7

2. Clark Beckham
Sunday Morning

– Yes Clark sang it technically better than Adam Levine but he didn’t have that stamp and vibe, Adam has when he performs this. But again, it was vocally impressive and the key changes suited his style more. Plus, it is something current and restraint, so now Clark is playing the game! 7.5

1. Jax
Grow Old With You

– This is what Jax does best and her vocals were really sublime, beautiful and strong here. This is her most solid performance since the live shows and I hope she learns from her mistakes before. This is a nice comeback from the predicted “frontrunner”. 7.5

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