The Voice UK 4: Top 12 (Quarter-Finals)

This is the start of the live shows and it is the quarter finals! Yup, that early because well the format of this franchise is a little ridiculous. Haha.

For tonight, all twelve (12) artists will perform and because they thought it was in the artists’ best interest to let the coaches have so much power up to this round, four (4) of them will get a free pass to the semi-finals next week. Yup, each coach will choose 1 artist from their team that they will send to next week’s live shows for free! Haha.

As for the remaining eight (8) artists, the public will vote and the lowest four (4) regarding of what team they belong to will be eliminated. So basically, 1-2 teams might have 1 artist left for next week if that will be the case.

Anyway, this is a pretty strong night of performances with some off people and some who surprisingly rose to the occasion. Let us rank them all..

12. Lucy O’Byrne
When You Wish Upon A Star

– It’s predictable already and her performances are getting more boring as the weeks progress. And I am extremely surprised with Will’s decision but I guess he really has some plans for her. This is… meh. 4

11. Clark Carmody
No Diggity/Ain’t No Sunshine

– It was so brave of him to do this mash up and it will either be a miss or a hit. Sadly, I find this a potential hit but Clark didn’t live up to that potential. Half of this performance, I barely understand what he was singing. It was tuneless, the verses were muddled and everything was just bland. 4

10. Lara Lee
God Put A Smile On Your Face
Team TOM

– Aside from the fact that the song choice didn’t do anything for her, this was pure karaoke. And that breakdown, I don’t know if I can consider that as rap or was it a spoken word, is really undertimed. Plus, her pitch is all over the place. 4.5

9. Vikesh Champaneri
Get Your Party Started

– I admire artists who takes risk and rearrange songs to make it sound fresh and authentic. While he started really nice, once the band hits in, he got lost. The energy was a fluke. The pitch is all over the place. His overall stage presence is not memorable. This was unfortunate.. really. 4.5

8. Emmanuel Nwamadi
Another Day In Paradise

– Emmanuel can convey emotions in his performance that will really hit you in the heart bigtime. But the performance felt lazy. There are parts where he really shines and his voice is so beautiful but the whole thing is bland and forgettable. Plus, there are parts where his pitch suffered and flat. 5

7. Autumn Sharif
Hold Back The River

– Autumn sounded really good. Her vocals were surpringly solid here and I thought the song choice worked well with her. Her stage presence is pretty remarkable too. 7

6. Stevie McCrorie
All Through The Night

– Stevie played it way too safe here. If it was in a normal night, he would hve topped this week but I guess something happened and 5 people outperformed him this week. Of course, his pitch is almost flawlessy and his delivery sounded like a pro. But I just don’t think this song choice lived up to Stevie’s potential, more so, how good he is. 7

5. Karis Thomas

– To be fair, I never really expected this to work. I thought, Karis will crash and burn but she proved me wrong. This was easily her best performance to date. The grit and rasp quality in her voice provided texture to this water cooler type of song. She puts a different dimension to it that I thought sounded nice. Yes, she didn’t took risk enough to differentiate her delivery to the original but that voice quality alone made it compelling enough to consider. 7.5

4. Howard Rose
Read My Mind
Team TOM

– This is Howard’s best performance on the show and he proved how capable of a vocalist he is. It sounded really nice. His pitch, not perfect, but really beautiful in here. The whole thing worked well. 7.5

3. Sasha Simone
Team TOM

– The first part sounded under pitched but once Sasha picked up, she never really looked back. This was fantastic! There is drama in here that isn’t theatrical. Her vocals were really solid. The intesity she put in here is just admirable and the liberties she took were really well thought. 8

2. Joe Woolford
Don’t Wake Me Up

– For Rita not to choose him is beyond unbelievable because I still think he is her best chance of winning this. Aside from him being so marketable, Joe is very now and he can really sing. The backtrack of the chorus is a little overpowering but his verses sounded realky beautiful. His vocal choices were fantastic. This was a really strong, current sounding and solid performance from Joe. 8

1. Sheena McHugh
Glow/Princess Of China

– Will really is an unpredictable coach and for him not to choose this as his free pass is just beyond crazy. The mash up, on paper, I thought would never ever work. But making this Ella Henderson song (Glow) and the Coldplay, Rihanna collaboration (Princess of China) work really well just gave me solid excitement. The transition from one song to another is very slick. Her delivery is really strong. Her vocals were superb. A little scream-ish towards the end but I digress. This was simply remarkable. Shame on you Will! 8.5

(Coaches’ choice)

Lucy O’Byrne (Team Will)
Karis Thomas (Team Rita)
Sasha Simone (Team Tom)
Stevie McCrorie (Team Ricky)

(Lowest Public Votes)

Howard Rose (Team Tom)
Clark Carmody (Team Rita)
Lara Lee (Team Tom)
Autumn Sharif (Team Ricky)


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