The Voice US 8: Knockouts (1)

Tonight, Knockouts round will start and we are one stage away from having our Live Play-Offs. Blake, Adam, Pharrell and Christina all have their one (1) last steal of the season and I do hope they used it wisely.

Nate Ruess will mentor all of the acts during this round, of course together with their respective coaches. One Knockouts will have 3 people battling it out to stay. Find out from which team it will be.

Anyway, here’s how the night went.

13. Sawyer Fredericks

– Wow this was terrible. His pitch is really bad and the tone of his voice didn’t really suit the song that well. This is his weakest to date and Sawyer has been consistently good in the recent weeks. 4

[WINS over Paul Pfau]

12. Nathan Hermida
Leave Your Lover

– There are parts where Nathan sounded really nice but for most parts, his pitch is a little flat. The whole performance left no room for inspiration as well as it just left me cold after his performance. 5

[WINS over Clinton Washington]

11. Ashley Morgan

– While Ashley sounds really nice, she lacks that stage presence that will make her stand out. It was just decent but nothing really special. 6

[ELIMINATED against Sonic]

10. Sonic
A Woman’s Worth

– Yes, Ashley is the better singer during their knockouts battle but Sonic has this stage presence and personality that made her a more formidable artist going forward. This is not perfect butI really feel this is her best sound to date. 6.5

[WINS over Ashley Morgan]

9. Sarah Potenza
Wasted Love

– I am not entirely sure if this really worked although I like the fact that Sarah took on something contemporary. I am not a fan of her but I think this is her finest performance to date. Her voice sounded nice in parts and it wasn’t overwrought. Although, it didn’t meet how Matt McAndrew performed it. 7

[WINS over Brian Johnson]

8. Brian Johnson
Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

– There is a smoothness in his delivery that I like. And in a knockout battle between him and Sarah – though even – I thought Brian won it. His verses were silky smooth. His pitch is really nice. I never thought I will enjoy his performance especially how I pegged him as a mediocre singer. 7

[ELIMINATED against Sarah Potenza; STEAL by Adam]

7. Meghan Linsey
(You Make Me Feel) Natural Woman

– Technically and vocally it was stunning. Like her vocals were really strong and solid. But. It felt predictable, outdated and nothing really groundbreaking. But then, this is really really a vocal powerhouse. 7

[WINS over Travis Ewing]

6. Travis Ewing
I Don’t Wanna Be

– Unpopular opinion, this may not be perfect but it was a solid and strong showing from Travis. Yes, his phrasing is a little messy but his tone sounded really good. His verses needed more vocal support but it was still more entertaining than Meghan. Plus, he looks so charismatic on screen that he can be really marketable. 7

[ELIMINATED against Meghan Linsey]

5. Paul Pfau
I Don’t Need A Doctor

– There’s some urgency in his delivery that I like. Paul proved that he can be really versatile and deliver a pretty solid and strong performance. 7.5

[ELIMINATED against Mia Z & Sawyer Fredericks]

4. Koryn Hawthorne

– There’s a rawness in her delivery that cuts through you. Her vocals were stunning and the liberties she took were solid and beautiful. 8

[ELIMINATED against Kimberly Nichole; STEAL by Pharrell]

3. Clinton Washington

– It’s unfortunate that none of the coaches took advantage Clinton because he is a strong vocalist. He proved it during the battles and to actually take this country song make it sound easy, almost pop but beautifully nuanced made me believe in him. He reminds me of the underrated Ricky Manning last season. 8

[ELIMINATED against Nathan Hermida]

2. Mia Z
Hold On, I’m Down

– Solid. I never really knew I will be this interested with Mia but this made me really root for her. Her vocal choices were strong. The liberties she took were compelling. I absolutely like it! 8.5

[WINS over Paul Pfau]

1. Kimberly Nichole
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

– There’s confidence in her that is simply appealing. The way she worked the stage is an absolute joy. And those vocals? Wow! She made it sound so easy and current and really connects with the audience. Great stuff. 8.5

[WINS over Koryn Hawthorne]


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