Movie Review: Home (’15 Tim Johnson)

To be fair, Home is really adorable. The grand colors and bizarre visuals were pleasing and eye treat. The narrative touches the heart easily as it successfully embrace a tale of friendship and family. The endearing thing about this film is the warmth and pleasant feels that is transcending naturally in the screen. But here is the thing about the movie, it wasn’t groundbreakingly memorable. It didn’t have that special thing that let us say, Frozen or Big Hero 6 have that allows it to completely wrap itself on you. But I don’t think it was that bad like what the others thought of it. All in all, there is a freshness in here that I like and the way director Tim Johnson crafted the film seems to be passionately heartwarming. It just really came short with that special ingredient to make this film magical. Nonetheless, this is fairly decent. 7


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