The Voice UK 4: Top 8 (Semi-Finals)

I am not sure if the voting format really works as I feel like minutes after all performances were the time range for the voting public to vote is a little flawed. But then what do I know, right?

Tonight, 8 artists are going to be trimmed into 4 as the semi-finalists will perform for the public’s votes. The Top 4 vote getter will advance to next week’s live finals.

Now let’s see how the night went..

8. Vikesh Champaneri
Don’t Leave Me This Way

– His delivery looked very uninspired and his vocals were really weak and off key. I wish it was stronger but there is nothibg really spectacular to get from here. 4

7. Lucy O’Byrne
O Mio Babbino Caro

– It’s hard to give comments on something that is not a cup of your tea but I must say that the sounds here were lovely. But that’s it. 5

6. Emmanuel Nwamadi
A Whiter Shade Of Pale

– The emotional delivery is not as strong as last week but I’m happy that his vocals here are stronger. But. It is so boring, halfway I almost catch myself sleeping. 6

5. Sheena McHugh
Toca’s Miracle

– The only uptempo that stood out among the ballads of the night. And Sheena sounded really nice here. I am not sure if the song choice though gave her new set of fans but her delivery was almost flawless. I just didn’t like the end as it felt more like she was showboating with those (some) unnecessary high notes but then Sheena pulled this one decently. 7

4. Stevie McCrorie
Bleeding Love

– I don’t know if this really worked fully but Stevie is a believable performer. He got a little wobbly before that end but the arrangement somehow worked in his advantage. A little weak during the times when the build up and high register were needed but the vocals here sounded really nice. 7

3. Karis Thomas
Say Something

– Last week, Karis’ performance is either you like it or not and the use of her raunchy, gritty tone is sometimes overwhelming. In here, Karis proved that she can do restraint. Her vocals here sounded fantastic and the placement of those grits were beautifully used. Her phrasing also sounded marvelous. 7.5

2. Joe Woolford

– Who knew Joe could pull something like this. If there is one thing that is missing here is that emotional investment – maybe because he is too young – but Joe wonderfully pulled this Labyrinth track beautifully. His vocals were lovely. The phrasing choice were great. Such a nice performance. 8

1. Sasha Simone
Say You Love Me
Team TOM

– This is gorgeous and a very nice contrast from last week. The delivery is flawless. Her vocals were wonderful. The emotional connection is fantastic. 8.5

* * *
Joe Woolford (Team Rita)
Karis Thomas (Team Rita)
Vikesh Champaneri (Team Will)
Sheena McHugh (Team Will)


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