American Idol XIV: Top 8

Tonight, the Queen Idol is back and will mentor the remaining artists as they take on her songbook. This will be interesting and I’m actually looking forward to this because Kelly Clarkson has such vast list of great songs on her belt.

Kelly is a fantastic mentor!

Also, tonight a new “twist” is revealed and this is not a ripped off idea from The Voice (Hehe kidding.. it is!!) but the new twist involves twitter! Yup, the bottom 2 artists are going to sing and in the last 5 minutes of the show, people are going to save whoever they want to save between the two. Y’kno the drill: #Save(Contestant’s Name)

Now let us see how the night went..



– He struggled so bad. This is such a weak vocal performance and he looked like he was so shocked and surprised to be even there. I think Daniel isn’t ready for primetime and it shows badly. 3

– –

8. Qaasim Middleton
Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

– He really can’t sing. This stripped down arrangement actually allows us to see and listen on all his vocal flaws and how much his vocal mess is hiding behind his movements. Sorry. 4

7. Tyanna Jones
Mr. Know It All

– Vocally, this isn’t perfecf but it suits well with Tyanna. This is right on her wheelhouse and I’m so bummed she didn’t took advantage of it. This isn’t bad to be honest but it lacks that conviction Kelly was asking from her. A couple of wobbly notes as well. But this is decent. 7

6. Jax
Beautiful Disaster

– I thought he started really well and I love how controlled her vocals were. But I feel like there were a couple of missed things in the arrangement that it felt rushed in the middle. Her vocals though were gorgeous. Maybe more intimate? 7

5. Quentin Alexander
Dark Side

– Undoubtedly, the first half sounded fantastic! But the second half missed the mark. But then, this is yet another melancholic, dark – no pun intended – arrangement that I feel really gloomy with his performance already. Yes, it perfectly worked last week but this week, it was okay. 7

4. Clark Beckham
The Trouble With Love Is

– Eh? Again, technically it was nice. Clark can really sing but I am really bothered with his high registers recently. They sound really shrieky or shrill, sometimes it sounds thin. Not my favorite Clark performance and most probably his least memorable one. Sorry. 7.5

3. Nick Fradiani
Catch My Breath

– Why didn’t he did the acoustic cover? I like that he took a little risk and did a more rock version of this song. Again, his vocals were solidz A little wobbly in the bridge part but I must say, he is getting more comfortable on stage. Nick needs a moment and with the number of people slowly dwindling down, he needs to hurry up or he won’t see any Top 5 light in his sight. 7.5

2. Joey Cook
Miss Independent

– Rearranging the song is a genius risk for Joey and she got herself back on track after the disastrous performance last week. I didn’t think it was “Fancy” quality but it definitely stood out tonight. 7.5

1. Rayvon Owen
Since U Been Gone

– Aside from some breathy parts in the start, this is beautiful! Solid performance from Rayvon and his sweet, lovely vocals soared gorgeously! I do still think he needs to have a moment but for tonight, I thought this is the best one. 8


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