Album Review: Hale – Time & Space EP

Time & Space EP (Hale)

OPM band, Hale is back! I think the break or their temporary break up did a good job for them to refresh some musical quality and explore new folds of style. In which, when they came back, I thought it was also smart for them to stick with their usual sound. I’ve always considered them as a local counterpart of popular band, Coldplay — especially with Champ as the lead vocals and his haunting, melancholic quality of voice is what really separates them from the others. Now, also, is it risky and smart for them to choose an EP as a comeback vehicle. Y’know people prefer to listen 4-6 songs or singles in this age of music than actually indulging on a whole album with 2-3 songs they prefer.

“Time & Space EP”, their newest album and their first EP boasts the same style that the band was known for. A variety of haunting, melancholic, gloomy and mid-tempo kinds of music are seen here.

We start the album with Saint Or Sinner, which is surprising intro to their album. It was a mid-tempo pop that plays along on its melody more than its content. It will then be followed by another mid-tempo track, this time with a better and catchy hook in the middle. You Or Nothing is like a sequence follow up of the first track.

The album then goes on the third track, which is also the band’s carrier single this year. See You takes you back to the “Broken Sonnet” or “The Day You Said Goodnight” moment and liberates you with how gorgeous and hauntingly beautiful, Champ’s voice is. Then we go to the fourth track, One Of These Days, where it is more in a sense of a loop of hooks in a symmetrical play of rhythms.

Plasticine is the album’s fifth track and surprisingly, the band’s folk track. In which the guitar strum is gorgeous here and Champ’s vocals actually worked here. Lastly, the album concludes with Home, which is a smart return to what the album has introduced in terms of sound. Not my favorite though but it is yet another folk-pop infused take of the band which I think they really explore new style ha.

Nonetheless, this is a decent album. Could’ve have been better since Champ is actually a fantastic song writer. None stood out from the track list but I do think the songs had certain audience.

Album Rating: 6.5/10


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