Movie Review: Furious 7 (’15 James Wan)

Awesome! This film is a ball of epicness. And to be honest, this is porbably the best out of all the Furious installment to date. And I am not saying it just because of the unfortunate event, but it was actually a bold statement of truth. Okay, some may think I am exaggerating it but I truly enjoyed the film. It was action packed and the bombast of thrill and excitement kept me on the edge. But the beauty of the film doesn’t just rely on that aspect. There is solemnity in it that is beautiful. It was precious and I was moved actually. The editing was nice – even with those parts where Paul Walker’s brothers were used to film the remaining scenes he hasn’t done. The transition was impeccable too. The film was bold and there is freshness to it that is comfortable and satisfying. Yes, the writing is not perfect at all, in fact there are times where it felt dumb but I just didn’t care cos’ I was genuinely satisfied with the outcome. 8


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