The Voice US 8: Live Play-Offs (#TeamBlake)

Live Play-Offs start tonight. First two coaches will present their top 5 and the other two teams will perform tomorrow night. Results will happen on the third night which will go head to head to American Idol live shows! Haha.

First up, current champ Blake Shelton and his team which I think is really ecclectic this season. He has country, an indie singer, a rocker, pop singer and soul. Blake knows the drill and all in all, I think he made really smart choices in terms of song choices that will make it hard to predict who and who will be his top 3 going to the final 12.

Without further adieu, here is how I rank his team.

[5] Brooke Adee
Love Me Like You Do

– On paper, this is perfect for Brooke and I will say this, I still love her and her blind auditions might be one of my favorites this season but there is a tentativeness in tonight’s performance that is evident. Her low notes were glorious but the high ones – though rich – is a little sharp. But I an still hoping she will make it. I like her. 6

[4] Meghan Linsey
Love Runs Out

– Oh God.. this was not bad but not good as well. I’m glad that Blake made her current with the song choice and she needs that but the vocals here were a little rough. Usually, she hits them perfectly but in here the dynamics were messy. Her high registers were a little sharp and those low notes were shaky. The second half felt like she took the screaming to another level but the wobbly effect made them uneven to listen. 6

[3] Hannah Kirby
I Feel The Earth Move

– I’m not a fan of Hannah and this isn’t really something that would change my mind. To be fair though, I thought she sounded really good here. Still, I have a problem with her intonation and phrasing but I will be very honest that I think this is my favorite performance from her to date. Vocally not as good as let’s say, last week but as a whole performance – albeit being too shouty – this is pretty much good. 7

[2] Sarah Potenza

– She has that old school rock voice that actually works in the track. As a whole, I am not sure if it was memorable enough. Her vocals were fine. This was a decent performance but I worry that she went first that at the end of the episode, people can’t remember what she performed. 7

[1] Corey Kent White
To Make You Feel My Love

– Seriously, I love this guy’s voice and he is a country singer which is I am not that a fan of. His delivery isn’t perfect at all but there is a genuine, sweet vocal performance in here that I love. His voice is just fantastic. His connection with the song is impeccable. This is really beautiful to be honest. 8

* * *

Corey Kent White
Sarah Potenza
Hannah Kirby (Blake’s Choice)

Corey Kent White
Brooke Adee
Meghan Linsey (Blake’s Choice)


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