The Voice US 8: Live Play-Offs (#TeamPharrell)

Did Pharrell learned his lessons from last season? Let’s be real. His song choices were outdated and a mess last season and the trend continues til’ well, he lost all of his team before top 6, I think. Haha.

Nonetheless, these are better choices I must say and it could really play well especially prior to this round, he – yet again – has a pretty strong team.

Now let us rank his team and see how they did tonight.

[5] Sawyer Fredericks

– Look, I have never really jump in the Sawyer train and I just can’t really figure out if he is too laid back for me or I am just really bored about him. This is no different. I thought, the vocals were much better than last week but the whole thing felt lazy. The delivery is just not inspiring at all. I feel like his vocals were just coasting in the blandness of cold and forgetfullness. But he seems to be an early favorite by the public as he really sells well in itunes despite some really bad performance. So I will not be shocked if he is a shoo-in on Wednesday’s result. But for me, it didn’t really worked as a whole – liked the first part, hate the middle, the end was okay. 6

[4] Lowell Oakley

– To be fair, he really is a goodlooking guy and I guess he knows that. Haha. His vocals here weren’t perfect but there is an interesting contrast in his delivery that speaks volumes of potential. I actually liked this if not with his inconsitent vocal choices, he would’ve been ranked higher. 7

[3] Koryn Hawthorne
How Great Art Thou

– I don’t know if this was a right song choice and I didn’t really like it when the religion card is in play (ehem! Craig Wayne Boyd) when it comes to song choice. I still like the richness on her tone but there is something exhausting in her delivery that I really didn’t dig that much. I mean, it plateaued in those high registers, I missed the dynamics. 7

[2] Caitlin Caporale
Best Thing I Never Had

– The vocals here were gorgeous. She hits really good ones and I can’t find any fault when it comes to her pitch. The problem here is that Caitlin is really just a good vocalist. I still can’t find anything from her to root for, if you get me. Yes, I like her vocal performance but as a whole I don’t know if I actually remember it after let’s say… tonight. 7.5

[1] Mia Z
Ain’t No Sunshine

– Mia blew me away. Her delivery has such beauty and form that I seriously enjoyed it from top to bottom. Her vocal choices were beautiful. Her phrasing is stunning. There are parts where she sounded really sublime and she just really nailed this performance beautifully! 8.5

* * *

Mia Z
Koryn Hawthorne
Caitlin Caporale (Pharrell’s Choice)

Sawyer Fredericks
Mia Z
Koryn Hawthorne (Pharrell’s Choice)


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