The Voice US 8: Live Play-Offs (#TeamAdam)

If I’ll be very honest, this is Adam’s weakest team to date. Maybe he has one to two artists that could win or at least go far but the other three were average singers. But the good thing with Adam is that he really is good in choosing songs for his artists despite him probably having some of the worst decisions on the series ever. Haha.

Nonetheless, I just can’t really wrap up myself on the idea of who he will choose for his third artist but I am like 80% sure of who will made it to his top 3.

Here is how I rank his artists tonight.

[5] Nathan Hermida

– There are parts that were decent here and I like the grit inflections on the song. But the awkward delivery and uneven vocals made this performance underwhelming average. 6

[4] Tonya Boyd-Cannon
Take Me To The Pilot

– This is vocally good but nothing really spectacular. It’s very predictable. The vocals were fine. The song choice, I thought was outdated. Again, this is just something we already expected from her. 6.5

[3] Brian Johnson
At This Moment

– Just like Tonya, this performance is nothing new from Brian. It is predictable, decent and nothing really special. The vocals here were his best to date. 6.5

[2] Joshua Davis

– While I do prefer the version of Dean Ray (X Factor Australia 6), there is no denying that his voice is like butter, silky and smooth. A couple of wobbly lower notes but this sounds really nice. 7

[1] Deanna Johnson
Down To The River To Pray

– She’s so pretty! The song choice actually worked for her but again like yesterday, I am not much of a fan of such. Her vocals though were really good but I wish Adam explored a better song choice here. 7.5

* * *

Deanna Johnson
Joshua Davis
Brian Johnson (Adam’s Choice)

Deanna Johnson
Joshua Davis
Tonya Boyd-Cannon (Adam’s Choice)


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